The Beechgrove Garden 2023 episode 19

The Beechgrove Garden 2023 episode 19

The Beechgrove Garden 2023 episode 19 – Under the warm August sun, vibrant flowers burst with vibrant hues of color in Kirsty’s meticulously planned and expertly cultivated hot border at the sprawling grounds of Beechgrove Garden. Fiery red salvias, sunny yellow rudbeckias, and purple lavender sway gently in the summer breeze, fulfilling Kirsty’s vision of a high summer paradise awash in beauty. Meanwhile, on his chilly and frost-covered allotment in the town of Leven, Calum works diligently and with great hope to plant rows upon rows of seed potatoes for the impending winter months.



Undeterred by the stubborn frost still clinging to the crisp morning ground, he digs in meter after meter of future Christmas dinners, dreaming of the bountiful feasts and comfort food these humble spuds will one day become. Back at the stately Beechgrove estate, Scott provides a masterclass in proper pruning technique as he carefully and deliberately shapes and trains a rambling rose bush that has grown quite unruly over the spring. With secateurs in hand, he expertly snips away errant stems and opens up the plant’s dense center to allow for better airflow and life-giving light exposure.



Scott’s simple yet informative session of guidance will greatly empower the novice gardener to confidently and safely prune their own wild roses. Though seasons and climates may differ dramatically around the grounds of Beechgrove, one special thing remains constant – a passionate spirit for nurturing and enhancing nature’s glory, whatever the weather on any given day. The gardeners of Beechgrove lovingly coax the land’s beauty to shine through in all its splendor.


A Bountiful Harvest of Gardening Inspiration from Beechgrove Garden 2023 Episode 19


Like a refreshing spring rain, the beloved Beechgrove Garden series has watered gardeners’ souls for over four decades. Now entering its 45th anniversary year, the iconic Scottish gardening show continues to nourish viewers with an abundant harvest of expert wisdom.

In a recent 2023 episode, the Beechgrove team till the fertile soil of gardeners’ imaginations, sowing inspirational ideas to yield a lush landscape. Come along as we dig into the highlights of episode 19’s gardening gems.


Breathing New Life into Tired Bins with a Sedum Green Roof

Like a butterfly emerging from its cocoon, the Beechgrove team transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary by creating a green roof atop a bin store. Armed with turf, grit, and vision, they upcycle an eyesore into a pollinator’s paradise.

Layer by earthen layer, Scott and Kirsty construct a drainage base of roofing felt and plastic sheeting. They smooth horticultural grit on top, providing traction for the sedum carpet crown. This drought-tolerant succulent groundcover will cloak the roof in evergreen foliage and cheery summer blooms.

With a satisfying unroll, the sedum rug unfurls atop the bins like a freshly laid picnic blanket. Simple, sustainable, and sensational, this green roof reimagines waste storage as a welcoming sanctuary for bees and butterflies. Scott and Kirsty’s ingenious project proves that with a little imagination, anything can be reborn.


A Passion for Begonias Overflows in this Vibrant Garden

Like liquid sunshine, golden begonias cascade across an East Calder garden, lighting up the landscape with joy. Begonia enthusiast George Hamilton welcomes viewers into his begonia-filled oasis, overflowing with verdant baskets, pots, and beds bursting with bountiful blooms.

In awe, we wander the garden path, ducking under arched canopies dripping with flowering baskets. Vines climb trellises, clematis drape fences, and beds bordered with clipped boxwood flourish with Begonia Flamboyant, their endless orange blossoms holding court like exuberant torch flames.

George’s devotion to his begonia beauties shine as he describes staking broken stems in hopes of salvaging tubers to replenish next year’s garden. His compassion and persistence in the face of setbacks show the marks of a true plantsman. Like George, we too can let our passions lead us to create gardens that feed our souls.


Pruning an Unruly Rambler Rose with Patience and Precision

Like a wild child in need of gentle correction, an unkempt rambler rose poses a thorny dilemma. Left unchecked, wayward canes would tangle into an impenetrable jungle. But armed with knowledge, the right tools, and a watchful eye, the Beechgrove team restore order to the garden.

Donning hat and gloves, Carole tames the rambunctious Goldfinch rose. She directs its exuberance skyward through strategic summer pruning. First, the aging stems get a rejuvenating haircut. Then, the rose receives a lesson in manners as Carole ties unruly canes along supporting wires.

With each snipping of old growth and weaving of new shoots, the Goldfinch rose transforms from gangly to graceful. Carole’s gentle but firm guidance proves that with time and care, even the most unconstrained garden inhabitant can learn to mind their manners.


Revitalizing a Hot Border’s Flames with Late Summer Fillers

As summer wanes, a hot border’s sizzle may fizzle out. How can we rekindle its vibrancy? By infusing fiery late bloomers! Carole demonstrates how to recharge a fading flowerbed with bold orange Echinacea, red-hot Salvia, and coral Geum.

First, she deadheads spent flowers to clear planting pockets for new tenants. Then, with surgical precision, Carole places each plant in its new home, taking care to avoid uniform lines. After settling roots and watering in, these heat-loving heroes will ignite new flames of color right up to frost.

Like a fiery phoenix rising from spent ashes, Carole’s simple strategy teaches us to revive fading gardens by interplanting late standouts. With a discerning eye and dash of creativity, we can sustain brilliance beyond a border’s traditional peak.


Growing Plump, Round Courgettes for Summer Soups and Stews

When stew simmers on the stove, nothing satisfies like homegrown courgettes. But the classic long green variety can become waterlogged. For creamy, concentrated flavor, Calum suggests growing round courgettes like Summer Ball.

These petite globes boast dense, firm flesh—ideal for sautés and soups. Calum guides us to harvest just as their skin smoothes from divots to dimples. Once mature, these beauties will balloon into picture-perfect summer pumpkins, perfect for displays.

With their compact form and sweet savor, round courgettes are ideal for small spaces and rich recipes. Steaming up a batch for soup is a savory way to savor summer’s bounty. Their versatility proves we can expand our palates along with our gardens.


Layering Sweet Peas to Lift Lanky Stems Skyward

As sweet pea vines outgrow their trellises, should we chop them down or coach them skyward? With Beechgrove’s clever layering technique, we can have our flowers and grow them too!

By cutting ties and gently laying lanky leggy stems horizontally, Calum persuades the plants to double back and scale new heights. Side shoots transformed into vertical leaders will rise high along neighboring poles. Removing blossoms also redirects energy into boosting vines instead of flowers.

With resourceful recycling of exuberant growth, Calum proves that limitations can become opportunities. Through creative training techniques, we can maximise our modest spaces to yield abundant blooms. Even when plants misbehave, all is not lost. With flexibility and foresight, disorder can give way to fortuitous new possibilities.


Christmas Dinner Starts in the Summer with Early Planted Potatoes

While December days may seem distant as summer swelters, now is the time to start planning Christmas dinner! Tatties top every holiday spread, so getting a head start ensures a fork-tender tuber.

In steaming August heat, Calum plants chitted spuds in pots in his polytunnel. Christmas varieties like Pentland Javelin and Wilja planted now will grow slowly, storing energy through autumn’s chill before finishing fast once tucked in the garage over winter.

Come Christmas eve, Calum will harvest platter-ready potatoes while Santa’s elves wrap gifts. Beyond traditional spuds, he encourages us to try diversifying our holiday side dish options. Multiple varieties broaden our palates along with our planting know-how.

By prepping our December dinner in August’s warmth, we can guarantee garden-fresh spuds on the big day. A bit of summer sweat yields a winter solstice feast!


Success from Seed: Sowing a Sea of Flowers in an Annual Meadow

A calming ocean of gentle blooms sways across Kirsty’s annual meadow, seeded just months prior. Standouts like electric blue echium and inky purple phacelia mingle with poppies, cornflowers, and crimson clover, recreating wildflower majesty in a cottage garden.

Kirsty shares how preparing the simple wildflower tapestry just takes clearing weeds, tilling soil, and sprinkling mixes atop the bare canvas. Once watered and established, the flowers multiply mightily with little work required.

As bees busy themselves among the blossoms, Kirsty reminds us that with the right prep work, we too can cultivate mini meadows. A sprinkling of seed and dash of patience can transform any humble patch of earth into a flowering, bee-friendly oasis.


Key Gardening Takeaways: Harvest Wisdom to Nourish Your Green Thumb Journey

Like feasting after a day of spirited work in the garden, these highlights from Beechgrove’s latest episode nourish minds and spark inspiration. By composting their decades of wisdom into easily digestible ideas, the Beechgrove Garden team offers a nourishing meal for thought.

Some key takeaways to chew on include…

  • Upcycling overlooked items like bins into beautiful, functional garden features
  • Letting our unique passions guide us in crafting soul-feeding garden sanctuaries
  • Taking time for proper care and guidance can transform unruly plants into graceful elements
  • Reviving fading gardens with bold late-season bloomers
  • Expanding our palates through growing uncommon edible varieties
  • Solving garden challenges with creative training techniques
  • Planning ahead for holiday harvests
  • Successional sowing to yield continuous flower harvests

With a feast of garden inspiration on our plates and soil under our nails, we look ahead to future episodes where the Beechgrove Garden team will surely continue to cultivate our curiosity through their contagious love of nurturing nature’s bounty.


Frequently Asked Questions About Beechgrove Garden

Still hungry for more Beechgrove Garden insider tips? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:


How long has Beechgrove Garden been on air?

The beloved BBC gardening show first aired in 1978, making 2023 its 45th year on television. Its longevity proves its enduring value as both entertainment and education.


Where is Beechgrove Garden filmed?

Beechgrove Garden is filmed in Scotland at Beechgrove Garden near Aberdeen. This location allows the show to highlight plants suited to Scottish growing conditions.


What time is Beechgrove Garden on TV?

New episodes of Beechgrove Garden air Sunday evenings on BBC Scotland. Times vary, so check local TV listings. Past episodes also stream on


Who are the presenters on Beechgrove Garden?

The 2023 team includes veterans Jim McColl and George Anderson along with newer additions Carol Shearer and Kirsty Wilson. Expert guests also share their horticultural know-how.


Where can I get Beechgrove Garden seeds or plants?

Many featured plants come from sponsors and supporters like Thompson & Morgan. Others can be found through local or online nurseries in the UK. Seeds of featured varieties are available through plant catalogs and websites.

Let Your Garden Flourish with Beechgrove’s Bountiful Wisdom

The gardeners of Beechgrove have once again nourished viewers with a feast of ingenious ideas and sage advice. Now it is our turn to till the fertile soil of inspiration they have readied through decades of nourishing gardeners from across Scotland and beyond.

By infusing our own patches of earth with experimentation and whimsy, we sow the seeds of garden sanctuaries overflowing with joy. Our gardens in turn nourish our communities through beauty, ecology, and harvests shared.

Just as one light ignites countless others, the spark of Beechgrove Garden has kindled the flame of passionate gardeners for generations. May we all continue the legacy by letting our curiosity and creativity take root and blossom into gardens that feed our souls.

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