The Beechgrove Garden episode 15 2016

Beechgrove Garden episode 15 2016

In Beechgrove Garden episode 15 2016: Chris has been left to his own devices in the Beechgrove garden and he is planting up an exotic border with plants that are surprisingly hardy and yet look like they have just arrived from the jungle. Jim and Carole aren’t far away and yet could also be on safari as they are involved with a big game garden at the Royal Aberdeen Children’s Hospital.



Jim and Carole track the progress and ultimately the finish of this therapeutic garden designed especially for children. A no-water water feature surrounded with large architectural and exotic planting and making their way to the dry river bed are some life-size giraffes and a family of elephants that are rooted to the spot and available to touch as they are made in box hedging.

Beechgrove Garden episode 15 2016:


Garden for Life Shade Loving Plants and Geraniums

Chris was in the Secret Garden. Chris had selected a couple of shade loving herbaceous perennials which were ready to be lifted and divided. There was Lamium orvala which is a relative of the nettle. It is one of the first herbaceous perennials to flower with orchid like flowers. It is also one of the first plants to finish flowering
and is now ready to be lifted.

Tropical Planting

Chris was at the curved bed next to the Pond. In the last series Beechgrove had been set a challenge by one of our viewers to create a tropical border for Scotland and Northern England (Programme 26 15/10/15). Chris explained how this might be possible. He had a pot grown Fatsia japonica. This is a hardy plant for most parts of the UK. At Beechgrove this had been kept in a large ceramic pot. Chris intended to use it as a centrepiece for his exotic border.


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