The Beechgrove Garden episode 2 2016

The Beechgrove Garden episode 2 2016

In the Beechgrove Garden, Jim admires the colourful camellias which are conservatory confined to prolong flowering and fragrance. Meanwhile, looking at colour in stems rather than blooms, George creates an inspirational winter-interest border on a slope in Beechgrove.



Carole begins a new mini-strand – Garden on a Budget. Meike and Jan Guijt and their young family moved into their new home in Kennethmont in 2015. Throughout the series, Carole will help new gardener Meike mould a garden out of almost nothing.


 In The Beechgrove Garden episode 2 2016:



 1. Seed Sowing and compost observation

Every year Beechgrove tries out a range of new products on the horticultural market on your behalf to see how they work. This year Jim was having a look at a new
peat-free compost which is also free of green waste. This has a somewhat coarse texture and so was too rough for sowing seeds but Jim felt would be ideal for potting on. He potted upsome half-hardy perennials in it including a pelargonium.

 2. Winter stems

George was creating a new winter stem interest planting on a south west facing slope in Beechgrove. Plants such as Cornus alba ‘Midwinter Fire’ have beautiful yellow and red winter stems. Other evergreen plants were included to create structure in the garden – holly, broom and eucalyptus. When the winter stem plants are planted and established they will be able to be viewed from the flat area below.

This is important so that the full height and stem colour of the plants can be seen and the winter evening sun can shine on them directly. The chosen area is an area of rough ground with lots of stones so the plants were to be planted in specially excavated planting holes. The area was cleared of turf, roughly dug over and cultivated.

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