The Beechgrove Garden episode 24 2017

Beechgrove Garden episode 24

The Beechgrove Garden is a blaze of early autumn colour and Jim and Carole show off some of the very best for this time of year from dahlias to hydrangeas. Scone Palace Gardens are overrun with rabbits and deer.



At the start of the series, we saw head gardener Brian Cunningham setting up an observation to see what methods, if any, work to deter them and to find out if there really are rabbit-proof plants. Brian pulls a rabbit out of a hat with some surprising results.


In Beechgrove Garden episode 24 :


 1. Small Fruit Bed

At Beechgrove we have an expanding collection of mini fruit – or dwarf fruit suitable for anyone who has a limited space to grow fruit in their garden. Last year many of these plants were in pots and weren’t doing that well, so they were planted into this mini fruit plot in front of the decking. Since then there have been mixed results.

 2. Camellias Inside

It did seem like a fine summer’s day at Beechgrove this week but Jim had been checking the overnight temperatures at home. They are now down to 6 °C so it is time to take the Camellias in from their summer holidays outdoors.

 3. Autumn Colour

Carole was looking at some early autumn colour at Beechgrove. The Equinox Garden was designed and planted to look good at both the spring and the autumn equinoxes. The willow arch was long due a tidy up the as it has put on a lot of growth over the summer.

 4. Tomatoes

In the 6×8 greenhouse, Jim was having a look at the last of this year’s tomato crop including varieties ‘Pink Tiger’ and ‘Tigerella’. Jim’s last piece on tomatoes a few weeks ago has provoked a great reaction from Beechgrove viewers. Peter McGrann from County Durham took exception to Jim’s comments about the last of taste in beefsteak varieties.

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