The Beechgrove Garden episode 9 2017

Beechgrove Garden episode 9 2017

In Beechgrove Garden episode 9 2017 – it’s bedding plant time and Jim, Carole and George are planting out a bevy of beautiful bedding in the Beechgrove Garden. Scotland’s number one bedding plant is the begonia, and Carole checks on the progress of her fertiliser observation using begonias as the test plant.



Brian Cunningham responded to a cry for help from Susan Bulleid in Newton Mearns, who has a problematic dry shady spot under a mature beech tree. Brian uses the beech to its best advantage and creates a new woodland garden fit for purpose.

Carole visits Hamish and Sue MacIntosh in Balnabuel, near Dalcross airport. The couple have carved this one-acre mixed garden full of choice plants out of a fissure of land to create many growing environments.


In Beechgrove Garden episode 9 2017:


Main Vegetable Plot

After talking about frosted tatties, Jim was earthing up our tatties to protect them. This involved mounding up the soil around the emerging foliage – this also makes them easier to harvest in a ridge.

The action of regularly working the soil means that potatoes are termed a cleaning crop as any weeds are removed through the cultivation of the soil and will be burnt off by the sun. Jim will be back to earth up around the tatties in 2-3 weeks. This will be another chance to remove any weed seedlings.


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