Better Homes and Gardens episode 13 2023

Better Homes and Gardens episode 13 2023

Better Homes and Gardens episode 13 2023: Dr. Harry encounters a bulldog that assaults brushes and mops whenever the proprietors tidy up their home. Joh and Charlie explore Casa Secretas. Adam constructs a chair capable of transforming into a set of stairs.



See Australia’s number one lifestyle program bringing viewers fresh and inspiring ways to makeover their home, the latest in design and craft, plus a great variety of delicious recipes. Better Homes and Gardens Australia is a popular lifestyle program that has been on the air for over two decades.

The show is renowned for its informative and entertaining content, covering everything from home improvement and gardening to cooking and travel. With its talented hosts, engaging segments, and stunning visuals, Better Homes and Gardens Australia  is a must-watch for anyone interested in improving their home and lifestyle.


Better Homes and Gardens episode 13 2023

Melissa visits a micro flower farm

Melissa embarks on an adventure to discover a quaint micro flower farm – Embodying the principles of the slow food movement, the slow flower movement seeks to champion the local, sustainable, and organic cultivation of flowers. Eager to delve deeper into this burgeoning trend, Melissa sets out to explore a charming micro flower farm, where she engages in conversation with the passionate owners who are more than happy to share their insights and experiences.

At the farm, Melissa is greeted by a visual spectacle of the most vibrant, stunning, and diverse collection of dahlias you could ever imagine. As she traverses the fields, she also imparts valuable advice on natural remedies to deter pesky insects, ensuring that your beloved blooms remain unscathed.

Of course, a trip to a flower farm would not be complete without the opportunity to create a gorgeous bouquet of her own. Guided by the experts, Melissa carefully selects and arranges an array of stunning flowers, crafting a masterpiece that encapsulates the essence of the slow flower movement.

Dr Harry helps a dog that’s scared of the vacuum

Dr Harry, a renowned pet behaviour expert, is approached to help the family tackle Frank’s cleaning-related turmoil. He visits their home to observe Frank’s behaviour and gather information about the possible causes behind his actions. After thorough analysis, Dr Harry identifies Frank’s heightened sensitivity to noise and movement, coupled with a lack of proper socialisation during his early years, as the key factors contributing to his destructive tendencies.

To address these issues, Dr Harry devises a multi-faceted approach. First, he recommends gradually desensitising Frank to the cleaning tools and appliances by exposing him to them in a controlled environment. The process entails presenting Frank with the broom, mop, and vacuum at a safe distance and rewarding him with treats and praise for remaining calm. Over time, the distance is reduced, and Frank learns to associate positive experiences with the cleaning instruments.

Simultaneously, Dr Harry suggests incorporating positive reinforcement training methods to teach Frank basic obedience commands, such as ‘sit’, ‘stay’, and ‘leave it’. This not only helps establish boundaries but also provides Frank with a sense of structure and reassurance.

Furthermore, Dr Harry encourages the family to enrol Frank in a local dog socialisation group, where he can interact with other dogs under controlled conditions. This exposure helps Frank develop crucial social skills and adapt to new situations more confidently.

Over several weeks, the family diligently follows Dr Harry’s advice and notices a marked improvement in Frank’s behaviour. The once-destructive bulldog now remains composed and even indifferent when the cleaning equipment is in use. The family can finally perform their domestic duties with ease, while Frank enjoys a happier and more harmonious home life.

Johanna and Charlie visit Casas Secretas – Better Homes and Gardens episode 13 2023

Nestled within the picturesque hinterland, a short distance away from the lively atmosphere of Byron Bay, lies a unique property boasting two exquisitely designed homes, collectively known as Casas Secretas or ‘secret houses’ in English. These remarkable dwellings exude distinct personalities, each providing a vastly different ambience that complements the other.

The first of the two residences envelops its guests in a dark, moody, and rustic setting, offering an atmosphere of intimacy and warmth. In stark contrast, the second house presents a light, bright, and airy environment, reminiscent of a classic Tuscan villa. This particular dwelling is adorned with charming Mediterranean-style courtyards, where one can bask in the sun and enjoy the vibrant outdoor space.

Together, these two contrasting homes stand proudly amidst the lush sub-tropical landscaping that surrounds them. The tranquil oasis they create offers a wealth of design inspiration for anyone seeking to incorporate elements of these stunning homes into their own living spaces.

It is with great anticipation that Joh and Charlie embark on a journey to explore the enchanting world of Casas Secretas, delving into the captivating stories behind these picture-perfect hidden gems, and unveiling their irresistible allure to the world.

How to build a ladder chair – Better Homes and Gardens episode 13 2023

How to Construct a Transforming Ladder Chair – Is it a chair, or is it a staircase? The choice is completely yours. This evening, Adam will demonstrate how to craft a versatile chair that effortlessly converts into a set of steps, all with the help of a single hinge. By making use of readily available materials, elementary DIY techniques, and an uncomplicated design, this project is one you can undoubtedly accomplish over the weekend. So, whether you need to ascend to retrieve that elusive item or simply wish to recline and unwind on your newly created chair, this transforming ladder chair is the perfect solution for you!

Join Adam as he meticulously guides you through the process of constructing this multi-functional ladder chair, a practical and stylish addition to your home. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to assemble this ingenious piece of furniture, making it an ideal project for DIY enthusiasts of all skill levels.

The tutorial will cover everything from selecting the appropriate materials and tools to assembling the chair’s components and attaching the pivotal hinge. With Adam’s clear and concise instructions, you’ll be well on your way to mastering this impressive DIY project in no time.

Not only is the ladder chair a fantastic space-saving solution for smaller living spaces, but it also adds a unique touch of charm and character to any room. Imagine the satisfaction of utilising a piece of furniture you’ve crafted with your own hands, as you either ascend the steps to reach that high bookshelf or sink into the comfortable seat after a long day.

So why wait? Clear your schedule this weekend, gather your supplies, and prepare to embark on an exciting and rewarding DIY adventure. By the time you’ve completed your ladder chair, you’ll be brimming with pride and eager to show off your handiwork to friends and family alike. Embrace the challenge and transform your home with this practical and charming ladder chair!

Spiced pumpkin, date, almonds and moghrabieh salad

The savoury medley of spiced pumpkin, dates, almonds, and moghrabieh salad has gained immense popularity over recent years, transforming the once humble roasted vegetable salad from a mere afterthought into the centrepiece of many a meal. In light of this culinary revolution, Karen is eager to demonstrate how to elevate a simple vegetable, such as pumpkin, to become the undisputed star of your next sumptuous salad creation.

By pairing the pumpkin with moghrabieh, a delightful Middle Eastern variety of couscous, and incorporating the rich flavours of dates and almonds, Karen ensures a harmonious blend of taste and texture that will tantalise your taste buds. To further elevate the dish, a delectable buttery dressing is drizzled on top, resulting in a truly scrumptious and satisfying salad that is guaranteed to be a resounding success at any dining table.

Embrace the art of crafting exquisite salads with Karen’s guidance and experience the sheer delight that comes from a perfectly balanced spiced pumpkin, date, almond, and moghrabieh salad.

In Better Homes and Gardens episode 13 2023 you will find answers to this questions:

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What is the slow flower movement?
How to build a ladder chair?
What are the benefits of local flower farms?
How to make a spiced pumpkin salad?
What are the design features of Casas Secretas?

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