Big Little Journeys episode 1

Big Little Journeys episode 1

Big Little Journeys episode 1 – In the soft twilight, a minuscule female turtle hatchling laboriously breaks free from the confines of her egg. She finds herself not on a sandy beach, but rather on the perilous verge of a roadside. With an innate sense of purpose, she embarks on her solo journey, her tiny eyes searching for a familiar wetland pond she can make her sanctuary. But standing between her and this oasis is the daunting Highway 60, a sprawling expanse of asphalt frequented by roaring trucks and speeding vehicles. To add to her challenges, the edges of the road are prowled by ravenous predators, including watchful ravens and sly foxes. Every instinct tells her the path is fraught with danger, yet she knows she has but one choice—to muster her courage and cross the highway, hoping to find the safety of her wetland haven on the other side.



Deep within the heart of an acacia forest, there exists a close-knit family of diminutive nocturnal primates—a doting male bushbaby, his playful sister, and their nurturing mother. As the night unveils, the bushbabies emerge from their cozy nests, their eyes shimmering in the moonlight. They traverse the branches and leaves, hunting moths with agility, pausing occasionally for moments of grooming and spirited play.




But the serene rhythm of their life is about to face a disruption. Unbeknownst to the young male, his mother is carrying another life within her. With the impending arrival of new members and limited resources, the forest territory might soon be strained beyond its capacity. Tensions rise and, in a heartbreaking turn, his mother, driven by nature’s imperative, distances herself from him. Now diminutive and vulnerable, the young bushbaby is left to navigate the treacherous forest. He must dodge lurking predators while scouring for sustenance if he hopes to survive another day in this wild expanse.


Big Little Journeys episode 1


A tiny female turtle hatchling struggles out of her egg and emerges onto the roadside. She heads out alone, searching for a wetland pond she can call home. However, she faces an almost impossible task – crossing Highway 60. With the wetland somewhere on the other side of the road, she faces trucks and roadside predators like ravens and foxes. But she has no choice – she must cross the highway.

In the middle of an acacia forest is a family of tiny nocturnal primates: a male bushbaby, his sister and their mother. The bushbabies emerge to hunt moths, groom and play. However, life for the young male is about to change, because his mother is pregnant. With more mouths to feed, the territory can’t support them all. His mother turns on him. Tiny, scared and alone in the forest, the bushbaby is at risk from predators and must find food.

The Turtle Hatchling’s Trek Across the Highway

The tiny turtle hatchling emerges from her leathery egg after nearly 2 months of incubation. Using her hind flippers, she digs herself out of the nest buried 10 inches under the sandy soil. As she crawls out, the bright morning sun momentarily blinds her. She blinks several times, allowing her eyes to adjust. Her exhausted body drags forward, flippers clawing the gravelly surface. She has never seen the light of day, but instinct propels her onward, leading her to begin the most perilous journey of her life.

After resting in the warmth of the morning sun, the hatchling is revived and starts her trek. She can smell the tantalizing scent of water plants and algae coming from the wetlands ahead. As she crawls on the road’s edge, she suddenly freezes at the thunderous roar of an approaching truck. Its massive tires barely miss flattening her as it whooshes by. Her heart pounds with fear, but she continues her journey.

Surviving Predators on the Roadside

As the intrepid hatchling makes her way along the highway’s shoulder, a large, black bird suddenly swoops down and lands a few feet ahead of her – a raven. It hops toward her, head cocked, beady eyes studying her every move. Sensing danger, the hatchling freezes, hoping her small size makes her invisible. The raven jabs its thick beak toward her, but she remains perfectly still. After several tense moments, the raven loses interest and flies off.

Further along, a red fox darts out from the bushes lining the highway. Spotting the turtle, it bounds playfully towards her, driven by its predatory instinct to pounce and bite. Just before its jaws clamp down, a passing car honks its horn and scares off the opportunistic fox. Relieved, the weary hatchling continues her treacherous journey.

Navigating the Highway Itself

After an hour of dodging dangers along the roadside, the hatchling finally reaches the highway itself. She stares at the endless stream of speeding cars and trucks whizzing dangerously close. Crossing the highway will be the ultimate test of her survival instincts.

She waits until there’s a small break in traffic before beginning her sprint. Moving as fast as her tiny flippers allow, she scrambles across the first lane. A pickup truck barrels toward her but screeches to a halt just in time. Its tires merely graze her shell as she hurries on.

By some miracle, she makes it unscathed across the next lane during a fleeting lull. Reaching the median, she takes cover under a patch of grass to catch her breath. The unceasing traffic zooms by as she prepares to cross the final two lanes. This is it – her first and last chance to reach the coveted wetlands.

The Hatchling’s Final Push

After resting under the grassy median, the exhausted hatchling musters her remaining strength for the final leg of her journey. She notices a small gap in the traffic and seizes the opportunity. Moving as swiftly as her worn-out body allows, she scrambles across the first southbound lane of the highway. An SUV veers out of her path just in time.

As she enters the final lane, a large transport truck barrels toward her at full speed. Frantically looking for an escape, she spots a small pothole and ducks into it. The truck zooms by, missing her by mere inches, the wind from its massive wheels nearly knocking her over.

Her heart pounding, she remains huddled in the pothole as cars continue whizzing dangerously close. Just when it seems impossible to cross, the traffic light ahead turns red and the vehicles gradually roll to a stop. She seizes this providential opportunity and sprints with all her might. Clearing the last lane, relief washes over her as she finally completes her harrowing highway crossing.

Arriving at the Wetland Pond

After surviving her treacherous trek, the weary hatchling crawls into the vegetation bordering the highway. She follows the tantalizing scent through the brush and finally emerges at the edge of a large, tranquil pond – her new wetland home.

She gazes in wonder at the pond’s lush surroundings. Cattails and water lily pads dot the glassy surface, while ducks and geese float leisurely among them. The sound of croaking frogs and buzzing insects fills the air. After her exhausting and terrifying journey, she has finally reached her safe haven.

The hatchling wastes no time slipping into the warm, muddy water along the shore. As she swims further out, taking in her new home, an immense feeling of triumph wells up inside her tiny body. Against all odds, she survived her big, little journey.

While many hazards await, she now has a chance to live and thrive. She paddles slowly, embracing her newfound freedom and security. For this small turtle, the future shines bright with hope and possibility.

The Bushbaby’s Fight for Survival

As darkness envelopes the acacia forest, a family of bushbabies emerges from their tree hollow home. A mother bushbaby, her young daughter, and her nearly grown son prepare to hunt for insects as they do every night. The three primates have a close bond, grooming and playing together after sundown. However, soon the mother will give birth again, putting pressure on the small family.

Bushbabies on the Hunt

Under the moon’s silvery light, the bushbabies leap gracefully from branch to branch searching for insect prey. With their large eyes and excellent night vision, they scour the foliage for moths, ants, and other bugs bustling about after dark. The mother leads the hunt, pouncing on a giant moth and devouring it swiftly. The daughter scrambles up a vine to snatch a juicy grasshopper.

After gorging themselves on the bounty of nocturnal insects, they return to their tree hollow for grooming. The mother gently picks insects from her daughter’s fur, then they both groom the young male. For now, their family bonds remain strong. But soon, everything will change.

A Turn for the Worse

A few weeks later, the mother bushbaby’s belly has swollen with another baby on the way. More hungry mouths will strain the family’s resources in their small territory. One night, as the male grooms his mother, she turns aggressive, baring her teeth at him. Sensing the imminent danger, he scurries away.

The next evening, when he tries to join the hunt, his mother attacks. She scratches his face and chases him through the trees. He cries out, but she relentlessly pursues him beyond their territory. Her message is clear – he must leave or risk being killed. Alone and afraid, the young male bushbaby must quickly adapt and survive on his own.

The Bushbaby’s Solitary Struggle

Now an outcast from his family, the young male bushbaby faces immense challenges surviving alone in the wilderness. No longer able to rely on his mother’s guidance and protection, his instincts will be put to the test.

Braving Dangers

Wandering far from the familiarity of his home territory, the lone bushbaby desperately searches for food and shelter. Crossing into a rival troop’s domain brings hazards. He narrowly escapes the sharp claws and teeth of the unwelcoming residents.

Without his mother’s wisdom, the bushbaby struggles to identify edible insects and plants. Through trial and error, he learns which colorful moths make a tasty treat and which beetles have a nasty bite. After eating a toxic millipede, he grows violently ill, vomiting through the night. He makes a careful note to avoid that dangerous delicacy in the future.

Establishing His Own Territory

After many difficult nights, the young bushbaby eventually adapts and claims a small territory as his own. He marks the trees with his scent and memorizes the location of the best roosting spots and insect hunting grounds.

Though smaller than his natal territory, his new home provides adequate shelter and just enough food to survive. The bushbaby must constantly defend the boundaries from intruders, but gradually earns respect from his neighbors. Despite his harsh upbringing, he learns to thrive alone.


The incredible journeys of both the tiny turtle hatchling and the young bushbaby exemplify the amazing resilience of nature’s small creatures. Against formidable odds, they find within themselves the instincts and determination to persevere.

Their struggles resonate with universal themes we all face. The turtle’s treacherous trek parallels the daunting journey of life. The bush baby’s banishment mirrors struggles of lost youth and self-reinvention. Most of all, their stories reveal that however helpless we feel at times, our inner strength can see us through.

Within each of us lies an indomitable spirit capable of overcoming life’s adversities if only we have the courage to nurture it. As these two little creatures show, hope springs eternal and the future remains filled with promise if we believe in ourselves. Their inspirational survival stories remind us to never underestimate the underdogs. Just like the hatchling and the bushbaby, we all have untapped reservoirs of resilience urging us forward if we but listen to our hearts.



What type of turtle is the hatchling?

The specific turtle species is not mentioned, but the details indicate she is likely a freshwater aquatic turtle native to ponds and wetlands.

How does the mother bushbaby usually treat her son?

Before her new pregnancy, the mother bushbaby groomed, played with, and hunted alongside her son affectionately as part of their close family unit.

Why does the mother bushbaby banish her son?

Because she is pregnant again and needs to reserve food and resources in their territory for her coming offspring, she heartlessly drives her son away.

What dangers does the hatchling face on her journey?

The tiny turtle faces huge obstacles like speeding highway traffic, predatory birds and mammals, and the exhaustion of her trek.

How does the young bushbaby adapt after leaving his family?

At first he struggles, but through painful trial and error, he learns to identify food, avoid dangers, and establish his own territory.

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