Caribbean Food Made Easy episode 2

Caribbean Food Made Easy episode 2

Caribbean Food Made Easy episode 2 – Levi Roots, the culinary virtuoso known for his fusion of flavors, takes to the kitchen for an emotionally rich and culturally significant cooking session with his mother. Together, they create a soul-warming, spicy hot pepperpot stew that encapsulates generations of family recipes and traditions. As the aromatic spices fill the air, it becomes a moment that transcends mere cooking—it becomes a celebration of heritage and familial bonds.




Eager to push the boundaries of his culinary repertoire, Levi subsequently ventures into the sophisticated realm of nouvelle Caribbean cuisine. Here, he creatively plays with cutting-edge techniques and avant-garde ingredients, all while paying homage to the time-honored dishes of the Caribbean. It’s a culinary balancing act that challenges him to innovate, turning conventional island fare into high-art gastronomy.



But Levi’s culinary escapades take an unexpected and delightful detour as he steps into a vibrant nightlife setting, teeming with clubbers eager to satiate their late-night cravings. Seizing this unique opportunity, Levi introduces a culinary twist that no one sees coming. He elevates the standard late-night kebab to an experience of tropical delight, imbuing the familiar skewers with zesty, island-inspired flavors that awaken the senses and leave the crowd yearning for more. It’s an impromptu culinary spectacle that perfectly encapsulates Levi’s boundless creativity and devotion to elevating Caribbean cuisine to new heights.


Caribbean Food Made Easy episode 2 – Bringing the Flavors of the Caribbean to Life


The aroma of simmering spices fills the air as Levi Roots, culinary extraordinaire, enters the kitchen with a singular mission—to celebrate the rich traditions of Caribbean cuisine. But this is no ordinary cooking session. At his side is a special sous chef—his own mother, brimming with generations of family recipes and time-honored techniques.


A Pepperspot Stew that Nourishes Both Body and Soul

Together, they begin creating a soul-warming pepperspot stew, a classic Caribbean dish personalized with their own familial touches. Levi carefully cuts the beef into small pieces, maximizing tenderness, while his mother minces the garlic that will provide a foundation of savory flavor. As they gather the ingredients—rugged thyme, earthy cumin, vibrant Scotch bonnet peppers—Levi recalls learning this very recipe at his grandmother’s side as a child in Jamaica. He speaks with nostalgia about returning home from school to cook for his working parents, a duty he undertook with pleasure and pride. His mother smiles in remembrance.

There is a comfortable rhythm in their cooking, built from years of past meals prepared together. The chopped vegetables go into the pot, followed by the tender beef and those aromatic spices. Their combined expertise is clear, as each movement flows seamlessly into the next. Soon, the stew takes form, filling the kitchen with an enticing medley of scents. It’s a dish brimming with history and tradition, each bite delivering comfort along with a touch of fiery Jamaican spirit.

As they sit down to enjoy the delectable results, Levi expresses his deep appreciation for the experiences they’ve shared around cooking. He recalls learning these cherished family recipes as a child in Jamaica, then recreating them with familiar ingredients found in the markets of London. For Levi, food is so much more than sustenance—it is the tie that binds one generation to the next and keeps heritage alive. This traditional pepperspot stew symbolizes that bond, its timeless flavors connecting past and present in a profoundly satisfying way.


Bringing Nouvelle Cuisine to the Caribbean

Ever eager to expand his repertoire, Levi next enters the refined world of nouvelle Caribbean cuisine under the tutelage of expert chef Anthony Cumberbatch. Here, Levi learns how traditional island ingredients can be prepared using avant-garde techniques to create dishes that are as artful as they are flavorful.

Anthony demonstrates a preparation of pan-fried sea bass served atop cou-cou, a classic Barbadian side dish. Together, they create a vibrant marinade for the fish using Levi’s signature Caribbean “sunshine kit”—a medley of spices like thyme, Scotch bonnet pepper, and pimento. After searing the perfectly seasoned sea bass, they turn to the cou-cou, deftly combining cornmeal and okra. Levi is struck by Anthony’s innovative approach, which pays homage to tradition while pushing boundaries.

When it comes time to plate the dish, Anthony guides Levi in elegant presentation. It is a masterclass in balancing color, texture, and visual appeal while allowing the fresh flavors to shine. As Levi takes his first mouthwatering bite, he is humbled by the possibilities that nouvelle cuisine brings to the Caribbean table. Anthony has shown him that innovation and tradition can be harmonious—the food of the islands can ascend to art without losing its soul. For Levi, it is an inspiring lesson in culinary finesse.


Bringing a Taste of the Tropics to the Late-Night Crowd

After expanding his expertise, Levi finds himself pulled in a new and unexpected direction—into the lively heart of the nightlife scene. Surrounded by crowds of revelers, he spies an opportunity to bring his spirited Caribbean flair to an audience in need of culinary revival. In a stroke of genius, Levi decides to reinvent a familiar late-night staple—the humble kebab.

Gleefully, Levi concocts a marinade of pineapple juice, molasses, and vinegar, letting the lamb skewers soak up the sweet and sour flavors. He threads the meat onto the skewers in a colorful medley with juicy pineapple, savory onion, and vibrant peppers. The sizzling kebabs hit the grill, releasing a mouthwatering scent that instantly captivates the crowd. Levi dresses the kebabs in a cooling coriander and chili mayonnaise, adding a final tropical twist.

As Levi passes the aromatic kebabs through the crowd, they vanish almost instantly from the plates. The familiar snack has become an exotic taste of the islands, utterly reinvigorated by Levi’s impromptu infusion of tropical flavor and flair. For Levi, this improvised spectacle perfectly encapsulates his lifelong mission—to honor food traditions while bringing the vibrant spirit of the Caribbean to new audiences. As the satisfied crowd cheers for more, he knows he has succeeded.


Conclusion: A Celebration of Food, Family, and Heritage

Levi Roots’ culinary escapades, from cooking with his mother to reinventing kebabs, reveal his passion for honoring traditions while pushing boundaries. Whether following time-honored family recipes or experimenting with nouvelle cuisine, Levi’s exuberance and innovation shine through. He brings people together through food, turning cooking into a profoundly communal act.

Above all, Levi’s love for Caribbean cuisine enables him to celebrate the intimate links between food, family, and cultural heritage. The dishes he prepares, both traditional and modern, represent generations of customs and ingredients that carry history in each bite. By sharing these vibrant flavors and techniques with others, Levi keeps heritage alive while transforming cooking into a joyful and meaningful experience. His flair and fearlessness inspire us all to approach food with an adventurous yet appreciative spirit.


Frequently Asked Questions


Who is Levi Roots?

Levi Roots is a Jamaican-British chef, television personality, musician, and entrepreneur known for popularizing Caribbean cuisine and bringing its vibrant flavors to mainstream audiences. He is the creator of the famous “Reggae Reggae Sauce.”


What makes Caribbean food unique?

Caribbean cuisine is known for its bold, lively flavors drawing from Native, African, European, Indian, and Asian influences. Common ingredients include hot peppers, herbs like thyme and cilantro, tropical fruits and vegetables, seafood, and spices like allspice, cloves, and nutmeg. Every island puts its own creative spin on staple dishes.


What is pepperspot stew?

Pepperspot is a classic Caribbean stew made with beef, tubers like yam and potato, callaloo greens, beans, and a medley of herbs and Scotch bonnet peppers. It originated in Jamaica but is found across the islands, with each family having their own variation. The stew has a rich, spicy, comforting flavor.


What is nouvelle Caribbean cuisine?

Nouvelle Caribbean cuisine refers to modern, innovative approaches to preparing traditional dishes of the islands. It combines classical French and global culinary techniques with traditional Caribbean ingredients and traditions. The goal is to creatively elevate native cuisine into a sophisticated art form.


How does food bring people together?

Food is central to family and cultural traditions around the world. Shared meals strengthen social bonds and a sense of community. Cooking and eating traditional foods allows people to celebrate and pass down their cultural heritage across generations. Levi Roots honors this communal role of food through his vibrant Caribbean dishes.


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