Celebrity MasterChef UK 2023 Episode 10

Celebrity MasterChef UK 2023 Episode 10

Celebrity MasterChef UK 2023 Episode 10 – In the riveting climax of our preliminary rounds, we are down to the last week of heats. This time, gracing our culinary stage are five diverse celebrities, each bringing their unique flair. We have the talented actors, Amy Walsh and Michael Praed. Then there’s Apl.de.ap, not just a mesmerizing rapper but also a dedicated philanthropist. Joining them is the graceful professional dancer, Dianne Buswell, and the charismatic reality star, Luca Bish.



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The inaugural challenge, titled ‘Under the Cloche’, presents an intriguing twist. Positioned in front of each celebrity is an enigmatic cloche, with each one hiding a distinctive ingredient. Armed with a well-stocked larder, it’s up to the celebrities to conceptualize and craft a single plate of food that brings their hidden ingredient to the forefront. The atmosphere is palpable, nerves are taut, and with just a smidge over an hour, they need to construct their gourmet creation from the ground up. It’s a true test of their culinary improvisation, a race against the clock, where quick thinking is key to winning the admiration of the discerning judges.



Following this, in the ultimate showdown of culinary prowess, the celebrities face yet another test. They are given the daunting task of preparing their signature dinner party dishes in a mere seventy-five minutes. The kitchen becomes a beehive of activity, with each celebrity giving it their all, pouring heart and soul into their dishes, in a last-ditch effort to win over the esteemed John and Gregg.

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The question that lingers: Which among these talented individuals can truly withstand the mounting pressure? Who will demonstrate not just skill, but also the innovation, passion, and artistry needed to ascend to the next level in this fierce competition? Only time will tell.


Celebrity MasterChef UK 2023 Episode 10 – Under the Cloche Challenge and Dinner Party Test


It’s the final week of heats on Celebrity MasterChef UK 2023, and the five celebrities battling it out in the kitchen are actors Amy Walsh and Michael Praed, rapper and philanthropist Apl.de.ap, professional dancer Dianne Buswell and reality star Luca Bish.


Under the Cloche Challenge

The first challenge for hopeful celebrities is Under the Cloche. This difficult test requires creativity and skill under pressure, as each contestant is presented with a mystery ingredient hidden under a cloche. With access to the well-stocked larder and just over an hour to create one stunning plate of food, the celebrities must think on their feet to impress judges John Torode and Gregg Wallace.

As the cloches are lifted, the celebrities reveal an array of ingredients including venison, squid, quail, monkfish, and duck breast. While some contestants are delighted with their ingredients, others feel challenged by the unfamiliar proteins.

Amy Walsh starts strong, using the venison to create a roasted loin with a juniper berry jus and roasted root vegetables. She wins praise from Gregg for her perfect cooking of the venison, though John says he would have liked a starch on the plate. Overall though, Amy has impressed with her skilled handling of the little-used ingredient.

Michael Praed struggles more with his squid, serving up a black squid ink risotto that lacks depth of flavor. John tells him the rice is undercooked and the dish is missing acidity to brighten it up. It’s clear Michael doesn’t have much experience cooking squid.

Apl.de.ap absolutely nails his quail, wowing the judges with a beautifully browned quail egg topped with crispy quail legs and a delicious wild mushroom sauce. John loves the combination of textures and says it’s one of the best dishes ever served up in the Under the Cloche challenge.

Unfortunately, Dianne Buswell has a tough time with her monkfish, mistakenly cooking the delicate fish for far too long until it is dried out. She tries to rescue the dish with roasted fennel and a tomato fondue but ultimately the overcooked fish lets her down.

Last up, Luca Bish runs into trouble with his duck breast, struggling to get the skin crispy and overcomplicating the plate. John tells him he’s tried to be too clever when he should have kept it simple and let the quality duck shine.

After a difficult challenge full of highs and lows, the judges decide Apl.de.ap was the clear winner, while Dianne and Luca landed in the bottom two. One celebrity’s MasterChef dream will be ending after this first challenge.


Who are the judges on Celebrity MasterChef UK 2023?

The judges for Celebrity MasterChef UK 2023 are regulars John Torode and Gregg Wallace. John Torode is an Australian chef and restaurateur who moved to the UK in the 1990s. Gregg Wallace is a former greengrocer who transitioned into food journalism. Together John and Gregg have been judging MasterChef since 2005, bringing their expertise in food and passion for flavor. Famous for their banter and sometimes heated debates, John and Gregg have high standards and expect a lot from the amateur celeb cooks. Their critiques can be brutal, but they also give credit where due and clearly want to see the contestants succeed. With John and Gregg at the helm, the celebs will have to bring their A-game to stay in the competition.


Dinner Party Challenge

In the final test of culinary prowess, the remaining celebrities must cook their own dinner party dishes in just one hour and fifteen minutes. Cooking for the likes of John and Gregg is stressful enough, but crafting an entire dinner party menu from scratch in barely over an hour has the celebs on edge.


What are some other challenges on Celebrity MasterChef UK?

Celebrity MasterChef is known for throwing in mysterious and difficult challenges to test the celebrities’ skills and nerves in the kitchen. Some other challenges seen on the show include:

  • The Relay Challenge: Contestants must work together to create a cohesive three-course menu, with each person responsible for one dish. This tests communication and the ability to follow another’s recipe.
  • Mass Catering: Celebrities must cater a large event serving food to big groups under a tight deadline. This tests organization, time management, and the ability to mass-produce dishes.
  • Mystery Box: Contestants must create a dish using only a box of mystery ingredients, testing their imagination and improvisation.
  • Three-Course Invention Test: Celebs must invent their own appetizer, main, and dessert with limited time, testing creativity.
  • The Cutting Test: Butchery skills are tested by breaking down an animal carcass into usable cuts for cooking.

The pressure is relentless, but meeting these challenges is the only way to impress John and Gregg and stay in the competition.

Back in the dinner party challenge, Amy decides to redeem herself from the Under the Cloche wobble by making pan-seared duck with fondant potatoes and spiced red cabbage. It’s a bold choice to cook duck again, but Amy nails it this time, producing moist, juicy duck along with crispy potatoes and the perfect balance of flavors. John says it’s one of the best duck dishes he’s had.

Michael sticks to safer territory with a classic prawn cocktail starter, lamb cutlets, and mint sauce for the main, and sticky toffee pudding for dessert. While the flavors are good, the judges say the menu feels dated and unadventurous.

After his Under the Cloche triumph, expectations are high for Apl.de.ap. He meets them with an elevated surf and turf menu of ox cheek and lobster tail with parsley butter sauce, shocking the judges by perfectly nailing the cooking of both portions of meat – a remarkable achievement in the time limit.

Dianne impresses with a sophisticated first course of smoked salmon and cucumber roll, followed by pan-fried sea bass on crushed new potatoes and greens. After her monkfish mishap earlier, she’s back on form with perfectly cooked fish skins John calls “golden and crispy.”

Last up, Luca attempts to redeem himself with a starter of scallops in a spicy tomato sauce, a rack of lamb with pistachio crust, and baked passionfruit cheesecake. It’s a gutsy menu full of potential pitfalls. Though the scallops are slightly overdone, Luca nails the lamb and delivers a stunning cheesecake John calls “heaven on a plate.” It’s a comeback after the duck disaster.


What are some other dinner party dishes that can be made in 1 hour and 15 minutes?

When time is limited, appetizers, mains, and desserts that can be prepped quickly or require minimal cooking time are essential for dinner party success. Some dishes that can be whipped up in 1 hour and 15 minutes or less include:

  • Appetizers: bruschetta, bacon-wrapped dates, charcuterie board, goat cheese toasts, baked brie
  • Mains: pan-seared chicken or fish, salmon en papillote, sheet pan fajitas or sausage and veggies, creamy pasta dishes like carbonara
  • Sides: quick salads, roasted veggies, mashed potatoes
  • Desserts: fresh fruit trifle, panna cotta, mixed berry coulis, easy chocolate mousse or pots de crème

The key is choosing dishes with complementary elements that can be prepared simultaneously and assembled at the end with minimal fuss. With practice and good time management, it’s possible to produce an impressive dinner party menu under pressure.

After much debate, the judges decide Luca showed the most skill and creativity throughout both challenges. Sadly, Michael’s safe and uninspiring dishes end his MasterChef journey. But the remaining celebs move one step closer to winning that coveted trophy.


Conclusion: Celebrity MasterChef Delivers Shocking Results and Redemptions

This intense episode of Celebrity MasterChef was filled with triumphs and disasters as the stars battled under pressure to stay in the competition. Though there were wobbles from Amy, Dianne, and Luca in the Under the Cloche challenge, all three redeemed themselves in the Dinner Party test, pulling out all the stops to deliver winning menus.

Ultimately though, Apl.de.ap was the surprise star, nailing both challenges with skill and finesse the judges did not expect. Meanwhile, Michael’s dishes lacked imagination compared to his competitors, sending him home.

With the semifinals drawing near, the competition is getting fiercer and the celebs will have to draw on all their culinary abilities to master the next round of impossible challenges. Their technical skill, creativity, and nerves will be pushed to the limits as they fight for the Celebrity MasterChef title.


FAQ Celebrity MasterChef UK 2023 Episode 10


What were the two challenges in this episode?

The two challenges were the Under the Cloche test where contestants had to cook with a mystery ingredient, and the Dinner Party challenge where they created a full three-course menu in only 1 hour and 15 minutes.


Who struggled the most in the Under the Cloche challenge?

Dianne Buswell had the most trouble, overcooking her monkfish badly. Luca Bish also struggled with cooking his duck breast properly.


Who impressed the most in the Dinner Party challenge?

Amy Walsh redeemed herself with a fantastic pan-seared duck dish, and Luca Bish bounced back from his earlier struggles with an excellent cheesecake. But Apl.de.ap was named the stand-out, perfectly executing both lobster and ox cheek.


What dish led to Michael Praed being eliminated?

Michael’s unadventurous prawn cocktail, lamb, and sticky toffee pudding menu lacked imagination compared to the other celebrities. The dated dishes led the judges to eliminate him.


Who were the surprise stars of this episode?

Rapper Apl.de.ap was surprised by his skill and technical prowess in both challenges. Luca Bish also redeemed himself in the dinner party round after being disappointed in the first challenge.


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