Celebrity MasterChef UK 2023 episode 7

Celebrity MasterChef UK 2023 episode 7

Celebrity MasterChef UK 2023 episode 7 – During the thrilling penultimate week of heats, a fresh set of five distinguished celebrities are stepping up to face the intense culinary challenge. These celebrities include the talented drag artist Cheryl Hole, multifaceted actor, singer, and songwriter Jamelia, the rhythmic genius musician Locksmith, the melodious singer and renowned former glamour model Sam Fox, and the classically trained opera singer turned broadcaster, Wynne Evans.



Kicking off the competition, our five ambitious participants are presented with the “Under the Cloche” challenge. Positioned in front of each celebrity is a mysterious cloche, with each one hiding a distinct ingredient underneath. Beyond this, they have the luxury of access to a fully stocked larder. Their task? To ingeniously weave their hidden ingredient into a stellar plate of food, ultimately showcasing their inventive culinary prowess, thereby proving to the judges that they possess true potential.



Following this, they plunge into the pinnacle test of their culinary imagination. This time, our celebrities are given a challenge that tugs at the strings of their personal sentiments. They’re tasked with crafting their “Dinner Party Dishes” – an impeccable main course followed by a delightful dessert, designed to impress a cherished guest visiting for dinner. And the twist? They have a tight window of just one hour and fifteen minutes to make their culinary visions come to life. The pressure mounts as they pour their heart and soul into every dish, hoping to earn the nod of approval from seasoned judges, John and Gregg. As the clock winds down, tension fills the air, for at the conclusion of this round, one talented individual will, unfortunately, have to bid farewell.



The question that lingers is: Who among these celebrities possesses the sheer determination, unmatched skill, and unbridled creativity to withstand the mounting pressure and convince the judges of their worthiness to climb even higher in this culinary ladder of competition?


Celebrity MasterChef UK 2023 episode 7 – A Clash of Culinary Titans


During the thrilling penultimate week of heats, a fresh set of five distinguished celebrities are stepping up to face the intense culinary challenge of Celebrity MasterChef UK 2023. This eclectic group of stars includes the multi-talented drag artist Cheryl Hole, the versatile singer-songwriter Jamelia, rhythmic musician Locksmith, glamorous singer Sam Fox, and operatic baritone Wynne Evans. As the competition reaches fever pitch, tensions run high in the MasterChef kitchen. Which celebrity has the skill, creativity and nerves of steel to impress judges John Torode and Gregg Wallace and clinch a place in the semi-finals?


The Mystery of the Cloche

Kicking off the iconic “Under the Cloche” challenge, each celebrity discovers a secret ingredient hidden beneath the mysterious cloche. With access to the well-stocked pantry, their mission is to hero their given ingredient in a stunning plate of food. This test of imagination and technical prowess separates the true cooks from the pretenders. While some celebrities soar to new heights with their cloche creations, others flounder.

For bubbly pop icon Sam Fox, a childhood staple promises comfort, but crafting elegance from nostalgia proves difficult. Meanwhile, soulful songstress Jamelia embraces the unique flavours of an unfamiliar ingredient, earning praise for her boldness. Theatrical cook Cheryl Hole plays on the whimsy of her cloche surprise, delighting with charm and flair. For innovative musician Locksmith, his heritage inspires a cloche dish bursting with vibrant spices and textures. Lastly, versatile baritone Wynne Evans hits a high note, drawing on his operatic range to produce a symphony of tastes.

As flavours and techniques clash under the cloak of secrecy, the Under the Cloche challenge becomes a true test of each celebrity’s flexibility and skill. Who will rise to the occasion and who will crack under the pressure?


Dinner is Served

In this pinnacle test of culinary prowess, our celebrities plate up their “Dinner Party” courses for an imaginary VIP guest in just 75 high-stakes minutes. This battle of vigour, nerve and gusto pushes the stars to their limits as they strive to prepare a perfect main and dessert.

Channelling her effervescent personality into the salad course, gorgeous chanteuse Sam Fox plates up a zesty, summery starter balancing sweetness and acidity. Meanwhile, R&B songbird Jamelia infuses her jerk chicken main with sunshine vibes and spices of the Caribbean.

Not one to play it safe, the fabulous Cheryl Hole brings theatricality to her daring duck dish, fusing adventurous ingredients like miso and bourbon. The complexity earns praise, but is it too outlandish for the judges’ refined palates?

Drawing from his soul food roots, urban lyricist Locksmith serves up a hearty, comforting main channeling the rustic flavours of southern cuisine. Lastly, classically-trained crooner Wynne Evans takes a refined approach for his elegant starter and dessert courses, aiming for finesse over flair.

As the fragrant dishes hit the judges’ table, John and Gregg face the difficult task of choosing a weakest link. With little separating our celebrities at this vital stage, the verdict rests on those final finishing touches that take a dish from great to outstanding.


An Emotional Farewell

As the pressure cooker of competition reaches boiling point, one star must unfortunately exit the MasterChef kitchen, missing out on a coveted semi-final spot.

Despite bold flavours and upbeat energy, pop icon Sam Fox struggles to translate her charm into refined technique, just missing the mark. Theatre queen Cheryl Hole’s courageous culinary risks also divide the judges. Meanwhile, Jamelia’s vibrant Caribbean cooking proves a little unpolished among refined palates.

In contrast, Locksmith’s soulful cooking from the heart and Wynne Evans’ elegant, classic plates both display polish, precision and delicious flavour. After much debate, John and Gregg decide to send home Sam Fox, ending her MasterChef journey. While disappointed to leave, effervescent Sam has relished this opportunity to challenge herself and learn from the best.

The unique clash of our five celebrities created an unforgettable week of drama, passion and sizzling creativity. With the finale looming, the remaining stars must dig deep to prove they have the whole package – skill, nerve and that special X factor – needed to become Celebrity MasterChef Champion 2023!



The intense Celebrity MasterChef UK 2023 heats blaze towards a sizzling conclusion! As expectations soar, our four outstanding semi-finalists must demonstrate unmatched skill, poise under pressure and imaginative flavours to edge closer to victory. With Logan and Wynne excelling through technical precision, and Cheryl and Jamelia wowing with boldness and flair, the final outcome is anyone’s guess. To take home the trophy, they must cook their hearts out, leaving nothing behind in the MasterChef kitchen. After seven riveting heats brimming with passion, creativity and dramatic challenges, the Celebrity MasterChef 2023 champion will soon be crowned!




Q: What is Celebrity MasterChef UK?

A: Celebrity MasterChef UK is a competitive cooking show where celebrities battle to impress judges John Torode and Gregg Wallace with their culinary skills. Amateur chefs compete in fast-paced challenges requiring skill, spontaneity and nerves of steel.

Q: Who are the Celebrity MasterChef 2023 contestants?

A: The 2023 line-up includes actor Lesley Joseph, TV presenter Kirsty Gallacher, actor Adam Pearson, drag queen Kitty Scott-Claus and others. Previous contestants include Joey Essex, Oti Mabuse, Su Pollard and Neil Ruddock.

Q: What are the Under the Cloche and Dinner Party challenges?

A: Under the Cloche sees celebrities cook with a mystery ingredient. The Dinner Party challenge tests their ability to create a refined main and dessert within a tight time limit.

Q: Who are John and Gregg?

A: John Torode and Gregg Wallace are the regular Celebrity MasterChef judges, professional chefs who critique the celebrities’ dishes and decide eliminations.

Q: How can you watch Celebrity MasterChef UK?

A: Celebrity MasterChef airs on BBC One. Episodes are also available on HDclump.com after they screen. The 2023 series airs over six weeks from August 10th.

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