How to Cook Well : Roasting


This episode is all about roasting – cooking in the dry heat of the oven using fat or oil to keep the surface of the food moist. For Raymond it is a technique that conjures up the wonderful smells of the kitchen at home. He starts his masterclass with the most traditional of British dishes, roast beef and yorkshire pudding. Raymond cannot resist French-trimming the beef, though.

Roasting is a technique that can work well with a robust fish. Raymond shows how to do it with a piece of tasty turbot on a bed of fennel. For dessert, Raymond gets very excited as he perfectly trims a pineapple before roasting it whole for a spectacular finale.


Roast beef & Yorkshire pudding

Raymond Blanc demonstrates this extremely popular technique of roasting with a roast rib of beef served with Yorkshire pudding and roast potatoes.

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