Garden Rescue episode 1 2023 – Marlborough

Garden Rescue episode 1 2023 – Marlborough

Garden Rescue episode 1 2023 – Marlborough: Recently relocated from the glitz and glamour of Beverly Hills to the quaint charm of the United Kingdom, Simon and Nancy have set their hearts on an ambitious task – to infuse the sparkling essence of Hollywood into the humble, yet forgotten, garden nestled within the confines of their antique 400-year-old cottage.


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Leaving behind their Californian home was no easy decision. The echoing laughter, the whispered conversations, the shared dreams under the palm-shaded patios – all are vivid memories of their past life that they yearn to recreate in their new dwelling. What they dream of is a sanctuary, an intimate haven that reflects the aesthetic and comforts of their previous home. An outdoor oasis where they could unwind in tranquillity, enveloped by a modicum of shade and an abundance of privacy, that will transport them back to the warm memories of their Beverly Hills abode.



The task ahead is a challenging one, as they seek to bring this vision to reality. With a budget of £4,000, they are placing their trust in Charlie and Chris. Can this dynamic duo breathe life into Simon and Nancy’s dreams and transform the neglected garden into a vibrant testament of their cherished past? Will they be able to carry the spirit of Beverly Hills across the Atlantic and root it firmly in the British soil? The anticipation is palpable as we await the unveiling of this fusion between Hollywood’s grandeur and British heritage.


Garden Rescue episode 1 2023 – Marlborough


Carolynne Dimmock’s ascendancy in the public eye began in 1997 when she made her first major television appearance, joining the popular BBC gardening series, Ground Force. It was a significant stepping stone in her career, taking place five years after her initial introduction to the series’ producer/director. This meeting had a profound impact on her trajectory, and it transpired during an intriguing project – building a pond for another show named Grass Roots, aired on the Meridian channel.

Dimmock’s tenure with Ground Force spanned an impressive eight-year stretch, during which she not only co-presented the show but also became a distinct persona within the public sphere. One of the more unusual aspects that defined her presence on screen was her habit of appearing braless during broadcasts – a trait that led to a surprisingly fervent fanbase. The evidence of her popularity was tangible, with calendars featuring her likeness selling in vast quantities, even outselling those of the famed lingerie model Caprice Bourret. Her followers even coined a humorous nickname for her – the horticultural Viagra, owing to her invigorating presence in the world of gardening shows.

Once Ground Force wrapped, Dimmock did not rest on her laurels. Instead, she lent her skills and talents to a range of other programmes. These included The Joy of Gardening and Charlie’s Garden Army, both of which she presented with great aplomb. Her coverage of the celebrated Chelsea Flower Show further cemented her place in the realm of horticultural broadcasting. In a diversifying move in 2004, she joined the cast of the Channel 4 reality TV show, The Games.

Dimmock’s reputation even crossed the Atlantic, where she graced American television screens, presenting a gardening slot on The Early Show on CBS. September 2006 saw her showcasing her culinary talents on the BBC’s Celebrity MasterChef, adding another notch to her increasingly versatile career.

As the mid-2000s approached and Ground Force had ended its successful run, Dimmock transitioned to a more regional focus, presenting the ITV Meridian series, River Walks. This show gave her the opportunity to explore various rivers across Southern England, encountering different landmarks and attractions along her journey. It also introduced her to diverse individuals who make their livelihoods along these waterways, adding a touch of human interest to her explorations.

Around 2013, Dimmock and her partner shifted gears slightly and embarked on a new venture, launching their garden design company, Rich Landscapes. This pivot proved highly successful, and in 2015, they became the youngest team to secure gold at the renowned RHS Chelsea Flower show. Their work is characterized by clean, modern lines, a naturalistic approach to planting, and an affable, grounded demeanour. These attributes have won them projects from a range of high-profile clients including prestigious fashion houses Chanel and Massimo Dutti, the luxury Hampshire hotel Heckfield Place, and numerous residential clients across Europe. Further expanding their reach, they’ve also secured a book deal and frequent appearances on BBC television. The pair’s professional journey continues to make waves in the realm of horticulture and beyond.

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