Gardeners World 2018 episode 14

Gardeners World 2018 episode 14(1)

As the borders at Longmeadow hit their stride, it is time to take stock of what is looking good and what needs replacing. Monty shares his tips on how he keeps his displays going all summer long. There is plenty to do on the vegetable plot too, and things are looking promising in the fruit garden.



Adam Frost meets an extraordinary woman who runs a community project in the centre of Birmingham, while Frances Tophill catches up with her allotment. Joe Swift travels to Devon to a garden which has been designed around a challenging landscape, and Nick Bailey visits the restored Temperate House at Kew Gardens.


Gardeners World 2018 episode 14:


Plants for coastal areas

Gardeners World 2018 episode 14
Gardeners World 2018 episode 14

Strong, often salt-laden winds present a challenge for planting in coastal gardens. Providing windbreaks in the form of hedges or netting will widen the range of plants that can be grown. To establish plants successfully in exposed situations it is essential to form a windbreak or shelter belt against the prevailing coastal wind. It is best to develop a wind-filtering screen of trees or shrubs, but polypropylene webbing or woven hurdles of willow or hazel are alternatives.

It is not advisable to use solid structures such as walls or fences, as these can create turbulence and add to the problems. A windbreak can reduce wind on its leeward side for a distance of ten times its height.

Grow your own garlic

Not only has the use of garlic in the kitchen increased dramatically in recent years but also the number of gardeners producing their own crop. Garlic is a rewarding, easy-to-grow crop as long as it is grown on well-drained soils.

Guide to growing herbs

A continuous medley of aromatic, fresh herbs are easy to grow and harvest, adding vibrant flavours and texture to any meal. All of the commonly used culinary herbs can easily be grown in traditional herb or vegetable gardens, raised beds, containers or the mixed border.

Grow your own tomatoes

Growing your own tomatoes is simple and just a couple of plants will reward you with plenty of delicious tomatoes in the summer. There are all sizes of tomatoes to try, from the tiniest cherry types, favourites with children, through to full-flavoured giant beefsteak tomatoes. Tomatoes generally come in two different growth habits: cordon (or indeterminate) tomatoes grow tall, reaching up to 1.8m (6ft) and require support; bush (or determinate) tomatoes are bushy and don’t require staking.

Tomatoes are easy to grow from seed. You can sow seed from late March to early April if you will be growing the plants outdoors. If you are planning on growing your tomatoes in a greenhouse, you can start sowing seed earlier, from late February to mid-March.

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