Gardeners World 2018 episode 4


In Gardeners World 2018 episode 4, it is the busiest gardening weekend of the year and Monty has plenty of ideas and inspiration, from planting summer bulbs to sowing perennials. New projects are on his mind as he begins to mark out a brand new area at Longmeadow.


Carol Klein profiles the bravest and most colourful of spring flowering plants when she delves into the botany of the hellebore, and we travel to Sheffield to visit a garden crammed full of colour and new ideas.

Gardeners World 2018 episode 4


Wild daffodil

Our native daffodil is smaller than many garden varieties but is still a striking sight in early spring. It is also known as the ‘Lent lily’ or ‘Easter lily’ since it often blooms and fades within the Lenten period.

Hellebore care

Hellebores (sometimes known as the Christmas or Lenten rose) are perennial garden plants with elegant flowers, perfect for brightening up shady areas during late winter and early spring. Some species are grown for their striking evergreen architectural foliage.

Grow your own spuds

Potatoes are a versatile vegetable that is eaten all year round. The tubers vary in size, colour, texture and taste and can be grown from spring to autumn.

Veg in containers

Planting vegetables in containers is a versatile way of growing edible crops in the garden, particularly where space is limited.

Lilies – growing in containers

Lilies grow well in containers, where they can be positioned for maximum effect in the garden. It’s a great way to grow these stunning plants, especially if you can’t grow them in your garden.


Raspberries are one of the most popular summer fruits and are very easy to grow. Different training techniques mean raspberries can be grown in gardens of any size and in containers. Raspberries can be planted at any time during the dormant season, between November and March, providing the soil is not frozen or waterlogged. However, autumn is the best time to plant.

Raspberries are usually planted in rows and trained along a post and wire system. But, if you have a smaller garden, you can still grow raspberries, either in containers or trained up a single post (see below for more on training techniques).

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