Gardeners World 2018 episode 5

Gardeners World 2018 episode 5

In Gardeners World 2018 episode 5, there is a full hour of gardening from Longmeadow this week and Monty gets to grips with a new project, beefs up his borders by dividing perennials and celebrates spring flowering shrubs.



Adam Frost explores a tropical garden in Dorset and meets a man who is passionate about growing unusual and exotic plants from seed, we travel to Suffolk to meet a woman who collects and grows a wide range of bellflowers and Carol Klein profiles the best of the season’s flowers – this week it is the camellia.


Gardeners World 2018 episode 5:


Plants for tropical gardens

Tropical gardens are becoming increasingly popular in Britain. Their exotic, relaxing mood makes you feel like being on holiday, without leaving home. What sets tropical gardens apart is their distinctive mood. They are often lush and soothing with plants that are impactful and contemporary. Tropical plants are hardier than you might think, and many will survive surprisingly cold temperatures. Many of the plants used may struggle with drought, so keep them well-watered, especially in their first year.

The trick to getting tropical plants to work in your garden is to mix them with British plants. Create a framework of exotic varieties and fill in with garden stalwarts like carex, sedge, hosta, astrantia, miscanthus and Japanese anemone. Plant tropical varieties in spring, so their roots have time to get established before winter.

How to lift & divide perennials

Dividing perennials regularly will ensure healthy, vigorous plants that will continue to perform year after year. It also offers the opportunity to multiply your plants. Most perennials benefit from division every two to three years to maintain health and vigour. For the purposes of propagation, the task can be done more regularly.

Growing camellias

Camellias are one of the most popular winter- and spring-flowering shrubs, providing a vivid splash of colour when little else is in bloom. Although they need acid soil, they are easy to grow in containers of ericaceous (acidic) potting compost.

Garden design themes

Whatever your tastes and lifestyle, there will be a garden design style to suit you.

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