Gardeners World episode 10 2016

Gardeners World episode 10 2016

At Longmeadow, Monty’s focus is on summer when he plants up containers for colour in the Jewel Garden. He also turns his attention to overcrowded ornamental grasses which, now they are beginning to put on growth, need to be split and replanted.



Continuing her search for finding the right plant for the right place, Carol takes a close look at why plants survive in the cracks and crevices of walls and gives her recommendations for garden plants that will thrive in similar conditions. Zephaniah Lindo takes a trip to Wales to meet a fellow primula enthusiast.

In Gardeners World episode 10 2016:


The Fuchsia Monty plants in the large pot in his Jewel Garden is called Fuchsia ‘Voodoo’.

This variety is a real stunner and attention grabber. It has a long flowering period with striking large, double flowers, dark red outer ‘petals’ and frilly dark violet inner ‘skirts’. It likes a lot of nutrients so best to keep it well fed during the summer months. It’s not fully hardy so bring it into a frost free environment before the first frosts and keep under cover until the last frost has come and gone.

The fuchsia flower is a beautiful, exotic flower with striking two-tone colors. The fuchsia flower is quite unusual with regard to its shape and the fact that they are really delicate. These beautiful flowers are great just about anywhere in your garden. However, you will find fuchsia growing best in hanging baskets on the patio. Keep reading to learn care instructions for fuchsia plants.


Irises are classified into two major groups, rhizome and bulbous. The iris Monty planted is what is known as a bearded rhizome iris. Called bearded because of the short row of hairs found growing towards the back of the petals (known as the Falls). Rhizome iris have thickened stems that grow horizontally. After planting, iris rhizomes produce sword like leaves that overlap, forming flat fans of green foliage. Three popular types of iris in this group are bearded, beardless and crested irises.

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