Gardeners World episode 6 2012

Gardeners World episode 6 2012

Gardeners World episode 6 2012: The successes and failures of all our gardens begin with the humble seed. If you have never sown a seed or are looking for some ideas of what you could grow to improve your garden this summer, this episode is packed with know-how and inspiration.



Monty begins by explaining that, by sowing a few simple seeds, he has been able to stock the beds in his walled garden with summer colour. He also carries out some timely pruning of winter flowering shrubs to ensure plenty of flowers next spring.

As a response to a keen gardener’s cry for help, Carol gives a masterclass on successful seed sowing and shows what mix of compost to use, how to sow different sizes of seed, how to water them and what aftercare they need. Rachel returns to her group of novice gardeners as they get going on their cut flower patch and begin sowing the easiest of all seeds to grow – hardy annuals.


Gardeners World episode 6 2012


And we visit a man who last year set himself the challenge of creating a two-acre meadow in Somerset crammed with a heady mix of annual flowers with such spectacular results that it became known as the field of dreams.

Sowing seeds

Growing plants from seed is both rewarding and an economical way of stocking our gardens with new plants. Carol Klein, in response to a viewer’s plea for help, gives us a masterclass on how best to sow our seeds. The four most important factors for good germination are compost, light, temperature, and water; Carol shows us what to do to ensure success.

Pruning early flowering shrubs

Prune winter and early flowering deciduous shrubs as soon as the flowers begin to fade. This will allow for a whole season of re-growth. Monty Don prunes his winter flowering honeysuckle. Other spring shrubs that respond well to pruning at this time of the year are the flowering currants and forsythia.

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