Gardening Australia episode 21 2020

Gardening Australia episode 21 2020

Gardening Australia episode 21 2020: Costa Georgiadis joins a crew conserving coastal dunes, Jane Edmanson explores a native suburban garden, Sophie Thomson propagates wisteria vines and Josh Byrne explores water wise palms.



Gardening Australia has always provided practical, trustworthy and credible gardening advice to inspire and entertain. Inspiring, entertaining and full of practical advice, join Costa Georgiadis and the team as they unearth gardening ideas, meet avid gardeners and look at some of the most inspiring gardens from across the country.+


Gardening Australia episode 21 2020


Seaside Support

Costa heads to northern Sydney’s seaside suburbs to join a crew working to conserve a critical patch of coastal vegetation.Behind the sand dunes of Dee Why in Sydney’s northern beaches is a stunning wetland that is a haven for birds.

Surrounded by surburbia, there is a constant threat of weeds that can overrun the native vegetation, but a team of people from Bushlink, which provides employment for people with an intellectual disability, is helping to keep the place weed-free.

Bushlink manager Diane McLane says there are 10 working teams plus a training program to build bush-care skills. The team hand-weeds and replants native species. Supervisor Pic Andrews says their overall plan is to manage the vegetation that should be in the coastal scrub, including banksias, acacias and groundcovers, including pigface and hibbertia.

By removing the weeds, there is space for these plants to self-seed and reclaim their space.

FAQs – Succulents after flowering | Plants without sun | Aphids on roses

Gardening Australia presenters answer commonly asked gardening questions.

Plant Profile – Aloe

We profile stunning and resilient Aloe plants in full winter flower.

Starting Again – Gardening Australia episode 21 2020

Millie has big renovation plans for her home and garden, but before the demolition begins, she prepares her plants and soil for the long road ahead.

Homegrown Natives

Jane meets a gardener whose love of Australian plants grew from a single plant to an impressive collection that fills her suburban backyard.

Wonderful Wisteria

Sophie shares a clever tip for propagating mature wisteria vines.

Easter Lilies

Jerry highlights a plant that you could find both as a fragrant cut flower and in your lunch.

Picking the Perfect Palm

Josh visits a Palm nursery to learn about the perfect water wise palms for Perth’s hot dry climate.

A Burning Question

Clarence explains the importance of traditional burning techniques and how they are playing a crucial part in managing our landscape.

My Garden Path – Morgan Allender

We meet contemporary Artist Gardener Morgan Allender in her Adelaide Hills home and studio.

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