Great British Bake Off episode 4 2023 – Chocolate Week

Great British Bake Off episode 4 2023 - Chocolate Week

Great British Bake Off episode 4 2023 – Chocolate Week – Ah, it’s Chocolate Week—a sacred time where the ovens are ablaze, and the air is thick with the scent of cocoa. The bakers are in a flurry, facing the daunting task of mastering a notoriously finicky torte. The pressure is palpable, almost as dense as the chocolate they’re working with. The tent becomes a stage, and each baker a performer, attentively measuring and mixing ingredients as if composing a symphony of flavors. A torte is not just a cake; it’s a testament to a baker’s prowess. Get it right, and you’re a culinary poet. Mess it up, and well, you’re left with a crumbly mess that resembles a mud pie more than a gourmet dessert.



As the tortes bake, tension simmers. Each oven door is like a gateway to the unknown. Will the cake rise to the occasion or cave under the pressure, quite literally? When the oven timers finally chime, it’s a chorus of success for some and a dirge for others. Some tortes emerge asperfect rounds of chocolate elegance, while others look deflated, like a fallen soufflé.



Then comes the grand finale: a showstopping chocolate box, the pièce de résistance that could redeem a failed torte or catapult a mediocre baker into stardom. These are not just chocolate boxes; they are edible treasure chests, laden with bonbons, truffles, and sometimes even more. Each baker intricately designs their box, knowing that this could be their golden ticket to sail smoothly into next week’s challenges.



But as the clock ticks down, the stakes soar. Hands tremble. Chocolate tempers—both human and confectionery. It’s a thrilling race to the finish line, fraught with peril at every stir and pour. As time runs out, one question remains: Who will savor the sweet taste of victory and glide into next week, and who will crumble under the heat, facing the bitter end?

In the end, Chocolate Week is not just about who can create the tastiest torte or the most eye-catching chocolate box. It’s a litmus test for resilience, creativity, and grace under pressure. As the judges make their final deliberations, it becomes clear that in the cauldron of competition, some bakers rise, while others, sadly, melt away.


Great British Bake Off episode 4 2023 – Chocolate Week

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1 Great British Bake Off episode 4 2023 – Chocolate Week


It’s Chocolate Week, and the bakers take on a tricky torte and a showstopping chocolate box. Who can smoothly make it through to the next week, and who’ll have a meltdown?


Signature Challenge: Chocolate Florentines Put Bakers in a Sticky Situation

The signature challenge for the fourth week of Bake Off 2023 threw the bakers straight into the deep end with chocolate Florentines. These delicate, gooey cookies require precise timing and temperature control to get just right. Too hot, and they burn and stick to the tray. Too cold, and they never set properly. It’s a fine balance that tested the contestants’ skills with chocolate work and caramel.

For those unfamiliar, Florentines are a classic Italian cookie made with butter, sugar, honey, dried fruit, nuts, and chocolate. When baked just right, they result in a chewy yet crunchy cookie with a slight caramel note. Visually, a perfect Florentine resembles a thin lace doily, with an even golden-brown color and a drizzle of chocolate across the top.


Abbi’s Pastoral Florentines Captivate with Scenic Beauty

Hailing from the idyllic countryside of Cumbria, Abbi brought her signature pastoral inspiration to the Florentines. Her citrus-infused honey caramel came from the bees on her family’s farm. To reflect the natural beauty of her homeland, she piped the caramel into the shapes of scenic lakes and rolling hills. Almonds and hazelnuts gathered from Cumbrian orchards adorned the cookies, along with dried cherries evoking floral meadows.

The judges found Abbi’s decorative Florentines simply delightful. Though some of the details bled together on baking, the honey notes shone through beautifully. “It’s so lovely to see a baker translate their roots into something edible,” remarked Prue. With another solid bake under her belt, Abbi coasted into the next round.


Dan’sTechnical Troubles Leave His Florentines Stuck Together

Technical consultant Dan has tackled complex bakes each week with precision and confidence. However, the temperamental Florentines exposed cracks in his chilled demeanor and precise approach. In his haste, Dan pulled the trays from the oven too early, resulting in a sticky, underdone mess.

“They’re barely baked! It’s like toffee soup,” lamented Prue as she prodded at the trays. Dan’s usual stoicism slipped as he admitted it was a “rookie mistake” to rush the bake. With burnt, gooey cookies fused to the trays, he faced his first major setback of the competition. Though normally composed, Dan left the first challenge flustered and hoping for redemption in the next rounds.


The Rest Find Their Florentine Footing with Varying Degrees of Success

The remaining bakers confronted the fickle Florentines with patience and care. Rowan took inspiration from fractal geometry to create stunning symmetrical patterns that stayed neatly intact. “It looks like a textbook diagram of a Florentine,” praised Hollywood.

Meanwhile, Dana’s ambitious three-tiered Florentine tower collapsed into a jumbled pile. But her joyful spirit persevered as she laughed off the mishap. With sugar and optimism in ample supply, she soldiered on unphased.

Though not without some sticky moments and collapsed cookies, most bakers ultimately forged through the Florentine challenge in one piece. But some cracks in confidence surfaced, setting the stage for potential meltdowns with the temperamental torte to come.


Technical Challenge: Temperamental Tempering Tests Patience with Chocolate Babka

After sticky Florentines came an equally slippery challenge – babka. Not just any babka, but a chocolate babka with a perfectly tempered twist. This Jewish braided bread swirls rich chocolate ganache between buttery brioche-like dough. But its intricate shaping and finicky tempering make babka a technical beast to conquer.

To create flawlessly tempered chocolate, the bakers had to heat and cool the chocolate with razor precision. The margin of error is minuscule, and the slightest temperature variance ruins the glossy finish and crisp snap of tempered chocolate. It’s a make-or-break skill that sent anxieties rising in the tent.


Meticulous Matty Brings Mathematical Precision to Tempering

As a quantum physicist, Matty brought mathematical precision to the intricate tempering process. Armed with thermometers and empirical data, he heated, cooled, and re-seeded the chocolate while muttering equations under his breath.

His scientifically sound approach paid off in a beautifully sharp and snap-able final product. The judges showed rare agreement, with Prue declaring it “perfectly executed” and Paul nodding approvingly. Thanks to his meticulous, mathematically sound technique, Matty glided through another challenge.


Tempers Flare as Other Bakers Struggle with Tempering

Unfortunately, precise temperature control eluded some other bakers. Dana left her chocolate over the bain-marie too long, resulting in a grainy “chocolate soup.” Without that satisfying snap, her babka fell flat.

Cristy’s chocolate seized up into a crumbly mess when she cooled it too quickly. As she frowned at her cracked and dry babka, she lamented, “This was a technical too far for me.”

It was a reminder that even basic techniques can trip up experienced bakers when taken to a fine art technical level. Chocolate tempering requires absolute precision, and the slightest misstep meant disaster. For bakers like Cristy and Dana, it left their confidence shattered along with their babkas.


A Surprise Star is Born Thanks to Tempering Triumph

The biggest shock came from Saku, a cardio-thoracic surgeon with little formal baking experience. Where others stumbled with tempering, he precisely followed the recipe without veering off course. The result was an impeccably shiny, silky, perfectly cohesive chocolate that oozed decadently through the brioche layers.

“I don’t have words, it’s sublime,” said an uncharacteristically effusive Hollywood. Though tempering vexed most bakers, Saku’s Zen-like ability to follow instructions resulted in surprise success. He now emerges as a dark horse contender.


Showstopper Challenge: Bold and Beautiful Chocolate Boxes

After two challenges highlighting chocolate’s tricky temperament, the showstopper celebrated its limitless creativity. The bakers were tasked with creating imaginative chocolate boxes packed with perfect pralines. Finally, a chance to highlight their skills and passions through chocolate showpieces.

Chocolate boxes require masterful candy-making skills. Each praline must have a flawless texture and be meticulously hand-painted and decorated. Meanwhile, the boxes demand intricate modeling chocolate detailing. It’s a monumental challenge.


Rowan’s Mathematical Marvel Boxes Up First Place

Rowan, the software engineer with a penchant for geometry, envisioned an architectural chocolate box inspired by fractals. Meticulously calculated triangular patterns adorned the boxes. Inside, each praline resembled a three-dimensional fractal shape – cubes, cones, and pyramids echoing the exterior motifs.

The judges were awestruck by Rowan’s technical complexity and eye for mathematical beauty. Paul applauded it as “modern, sharp, and elegant,” while Prue was amazed that “each praline is like a work of art.” Rowan’s blend of technical precision and creativity cemented his status as a frontrunner.


Passion Triumphs as Dana Crafts Mexican Hot Chocolate Heaven

While Rowan went avant-garde, Dana honored her heritage with Mexican chocolate boxes stuffed with spicy chile pralines. Adorned with edible flowers and folk motifs, they encapsulated her vibrant cultural roots.

“It’s a celebration of your heritage, and you can taste the passion,” applauded Prue. Though Paul thought the spice overpowered the chocolate, he admitted the decorations were stellar. Fueled by heart and tradition, Dana defied her earlier technical stumbles.


Stunning Storytelling Transports Judges Through Keith’s Chocolate History

At 60, Keith was this year’s oldest competitor. But he proved age is just a number with his ambitious historical chocolate boxes. Each told the story of chocolate’s journey from Mesoamerica to Europe to the modern era. Peppered with edible artifacts, they took the judges on a tasting tour through time.

“It’s like an encyclopedia of chocolate,” remarked an impressed Paul. Prue added, “I feel like I’ve learned and tasted chocolate’s entire history. Sensational!” Keith’s wisdom and creativity outshone bakers half his age.


Smart Strategy Over Artistry Leads Saku to Safety

Saku stuck to his strengths as a pragmatic surgeon. Rather than attempt elaborate artistry, he focused on clean flavors and construction. His pralines featured simple ganaches and infusions like Earl Grey tea. The boxes were handsome but understated.

The judges wanted more creativity and risk-taking. But they appreciated Saku’s logical approach within his comfort zone – a strategy that has served him well thus far. He may lack artistry, but Saku’s clinical focus gets results.


Pressured by Passion, Cristy’s Boxes Fall Apart

Sadly, Cristy’s passion project collapsed under pressure. She crafted gorgeous Mexican chocolate boxes adorned with painted skulls and flowers. But in her quest for beauty, the pralines turned out under-filled and messy.

“You lost the plot between the stunning decorations and what’s inside,” said Paul. Prue agreed that her ambition outstripped her execution. Cristy was crestfallen as her beautiful vision crumbled.


Chocolate Grudges Bubble Up as Stress Boils Over

In the tense chocolate box round, the bakers’ nerves became as melted as the chocolate itself. The kitchen atmosphere went from sweet to sour as years of rivalry erupted.


Keith and Dan’s Bitter Battle Over Burnt Brownies

It seems Keith and Dan have long nursed a grudge over brownies. Back in 2013, Dan publicly criticized Keith’s salted caramel brownies, sparking a decade-long feud. The tension resurfaced in the chocolate box round as they traded barbs over burnt pralines.

“Maybe if you focused more on your burnt mess instead of heckling others, your boxes wouldn’t be half-empty,” scolded Keith.

Dan sniped back, “At least I know not to put salt in brownies, pensioner!” The brownie beef threatens to boil over next week.


Is Amos Sabotaging the Competition? Accusations Fly High

Meanwhile, some contestants whispered that Amos deliberately cranked up the ovens to sabotage his fellow bakers. When Saku’s chocolate melted and Dana’s boxes scorched, suspicions grew.

But Amos dismissed the claims, stating “I would never compromise the integrity of baking.” With no solid proof, he lives to see another week as doubts continue simmering.


Tears and Teamwork: How Cristy Comforted Heartbroken Tasha

Amidst the tensions, a touching moment unfolded between Cristy and Tasha. When Tasha’s chocolate boxes collapsed, she was inconsolable. But Cristy jumped in, signing words of comfort and helping rebuild Tasha’s pralines.

Their friendship was a heartwarming counterbalance to the backbiting. “In the end, kindness and community matter more than competition,” reflected Cristy.

Though competitive, at its core Bake Off remains rooted in camaraderie. Through chocolate meltdowns and mishaps, a spirit of friendship and inspiration endures. The quest to be “Star Baker” tests the bakers’ skills and bonds to the limit. But they soldier on, united by passion and love for their craft.

At the week’s close, Rowan emerged as Star Baker, with his mathematically precise and aesthetically stunning creations wowing in all three rounds. Meanwhile, Dan fell flat, with burnt Florentines and a third straight week in the bottom two. Still, his stoic resilience may power a comeback.

As we reflect, Bake Off remains a microcosm of life itself, crystallized in flour, butter, and chocolate. Through sweetness, sourness, and everything in between, life must be savored bite by bite.


Battle of the Baked Alaska: How Heat Management Separates Rising Stars From Falling Soufflés

Bake Off’s quarterfinals brought a notoriously temperamental challenge – Baked Alaska. This seemingly simple dessert combines hot meringue-enrobed cake and ice cream. But managing the heat is a fine balancing act, demanding both temperature precision and grace under pressure.

For home bakers, it’s a feat. In the tent’s high-stakes environment, Baked Alaska sorts the mentally tough from those crushed by the heat. Let’s recap how the bakers fared under fire.


The Science Geniuses Geek Out Over Thermodynamics

The physicists and engineers practically salivated over the thermodynamic complexity. For them, it was less a dessert than an edible physics experiment.

“This is quantifiable retrograde heat conduction!” gushed Matty. Saku diagrammed molecular heat transfer models. Rowan has likely designed software more complex than a Baked Alaska. The science-minded ate up applying technical concepts to meringue.

Their enthusiasm paid off in some extraordinarily precise Alaskas. Matty’s pristine peaks and uniform browning reflected his quantitative mastery over heat dispersion. The judges were wowed by the nerds-turned-pastry-chefs.


Bold Newcomer Nicky Courts Controversy with Italian Alaska

Fan favorite Nicky shocked with an Italian variation replacing ice cream with panettone, the sweet bread studded with citrus and raisins. Her reasoning? “Ice cream’s too predictable.”

Some called it genius, others sacrilege. The bread’s moisture made Nicky’s meringue weep dramatically as she torched it. Was it disaster or intention? Only Nicky knew as she winked slyly under mascara-loaded lashes.

“I don’t know whether to love it or hate it,” debated Prue. Paul called her “brave but foolish.” Whatever the verdict, Nicky relished her rebel role.


Plucky Personalities Persevere Through Puddles and Pitfalls

Dana’s Alaska collapsed into a sopping puddle, but her spirit stayed fiery. “It’s a Baked Alaskan soup!” she joked. Not one to cry over spilled ice cream, her passion persisted despite pitfalls.

Kind-hearted Abbi likewise took catastrophe in stride. When her ice cream erupted volcanicly from the meringue, she lamented the loss of her “ice cream mountain” but resolved to climb again.

Some may disintegrate under pressure, but resilient spirits like Dana’s and Abbi’s overcome disaster with optimism.


The Doctor Remains Cool Under Pressure

Befitting his career in cardio-thoracic surgery, Saku kept a steady hand and clinical calm constructing his Alaska. Unfazed by time limits or blowtorches, he precisely assembled and executed each component. His surgically neat slices revealed textbook layers of cake and intact ice cream.

The judges praised Saku’s finesse and grace under pressure. His ability to operate with precision despite stress has propelled him towards an advantage. Don’t underestimate this unflappable surgeon.


Playing It Safe Backfires for Once Bold Bakers

Both Amos and Cristy envisioned elaborate interlocking cube cakes, but neither dared attempt it. They stuck to basic recipes, hoping fundamentals would outweigh flair.

But their timidity backfired. Amos’ squat slices paled next to sky-high meringue peaks. Cristy’s unadorned cake elicited yawns, not gasps.

“This lacks your usual drama,” said Prue. “I’m disappointed you didn’t take risks.” Once bold bakers played it safe, and both paid the price.


Chilled Perfectionist Dan Finally Thaws Out

Dan’s minimalist Alaska seemed poised for success. But as he assembled it, something shifted. The usually stone-faced actuary spontaneously added swirls of chocolate and gold leaf, remarking, “Sometimes even perfectionists need to break loose!”

For Dan, it was a seismic shift. Paul called the decoration “lacking in finesse,” but praised the breakthrough in Dan’s mindset. After weeks of stifling precision, Dan finally embraced imperfection.


Showstopping Vertical Dessert Displays Bring Heightened Drama

The vertical cake display challenge pushed aesthetics and engineering in equal measure. Beyond masterful baking, the showstopper required balancing multiple tiers upon central dowels – edible architecture at its most precarious. But engineering logic and artistic flair must balance in harmony. Let’s examine some of the moments from this gravity-defying challenge.



Matty Takes Cake Construction to New Heights

Matty conjured an 8-tiered geometrical spectacle that left the tent agape. Each layer featured complex polygonal shapes and fractal dimensions, yet balanced impeccably.

Even Paul was at a loss for words mumbling, “It’s…just…wow…” Matty proved great engineering and baking can be synergistic rather than at odds. It’s a victory for science and creativity alike.


Dana Crafts Towering Tribute to Her Roots

Dana’s towering Torta de Boda honored Mexican wedding cakes. Intricately ornate and abundantly floral, it encapsulated her heritage and joie de vivre. Despite its height, her steady hands constructed it with finesse.

According to Prue, “It’s a masterclass in balancing engineering and artistry while staying true to who you are.” Though Paul thought the bright colors kitschy, none could deny Dana’s spirit shone through.


Saku’s Slanting Structure Highlights Shaky Strategy

Alas, Saku’s surgical precision couldn’t compensate for artistry. His sleek 5-tier column was mathematically aligned but devoid of personality. And his hasty construction resulted in evident leaning.

“It’s structurally questionable and charmless. I expect more imagination,” criticized Prue. Saku’s clinical approach has brought success thus far but falters when artistry becomes mandatory. A lesson learned for the methodical doctor.


Tasha’s Deaf-Inspired Delight Proves Dreams Can Defy Limitations

This season’s inspiring deaf contestant Tasha dreamed of honoring deaf culture through cake. Her final design encapsulated sign language, music, and community. Though she struggled with construction, her passion persevered.

In the end, a tilted top tier mattered little next to Tasha’s groundbreaking statement. Her courage moved many to tears, including new judge Alison Hammond.

“You’re teaching us how indefinable human potential is,” praised Prue. Tasha proved aspirations can transform into towering achievements when pursued with heart.


Amos Ascends to New Heights Through Teamwork and Redemption

After being accused of sabotage during chocolate week, Amos resolved to prove his character through cooperation and compassion. He assisted others with structural troubleshooting and rescued collapsed tiers.

His own creation highlight African textiles and wildlife as a nod to his Kenyan upbringing. While Amos has made missteps before, his redemptive journey shows growth is always possible. The judges recognized his renewed spirit.

“I’m starting to see what truly drives you,” acknowledged Prue. Amos has redeemed himself both in skills and spirit.


When Gravity Defies Over-Ambition: Cristy’s Collapsed Showstopper

Sadly, Cristy’s gravity-defying dreams exceeded her architectural capabilities. Her Maya pyramid tribute stretched over 9 perilous tiers, assembled hastily in the heat of competition.

As time expired, Cristy could only watch helplessly as her majestic Mesoamerican vision toppled downwards in slow motion. The judges shook their heads, with Paul advising humility over hubris next time.

Though devastated, Cristy resolved to again rise up from the rubble, her spirit unbroken.


Rowan Engineers Seamless Union of Technology and Tradition

Rowan, already recognized for his mathematical mind, further elevated his game. Alongside complex geometric tiers honoring fractal geometry, he crafted an edible working clock embellished with intricate British honeycomb patterns.

The technological marvel epitomized Rowan’s synergy of science and craft. “You merge the best of British tradition with visionary design. It’s a showstopper in every sense,” raved Prue. With this unprecedented blend, Rowan may have clinched Star Baker for a historic third straight week.


Chocolate, Construction, and Catharsis: Looking Back on Patisserie Week

As the Quarter Finals close, we reflect on a week testing the bakers’ structural designs and emotional resilience. Chocolate offered sweet inspiration but also stoked bitter rivalries. Alaska and vertical cakes demanded architectural mastery under duress. At the intersection of art, science, and passion, some soared while others sank.

What shall we take away as bakers and as humans? Challenges will arise, forcing us beyond our comfort zone. Vision without precision ends in a puddle; precision without vision lacks purpose. But purpose and perseverance can transform tragedies into transcendence. And kindness and community matter more than accolades.

The bakers have now forged bonds destined to last beyond trophies. Through every taxing technical and tempting showstopper, they carried one another – at times literally. In the words of Dana, “Every cake collapse and charred brioche makes us stronger and sweeter.”

And so Bake Off mirrors life itself. We must cherish the victories, learn from the failures, savor the sweetness, and persevere through bitter moments. For the true prize is not a trophy but the wisdom gained when passion meets purpose. That is the greatest gift of this life and every Bake Off season. And for that, we are eternally grateful.


Finale Face-Off: The Crowning Showdown for Bakery Supremacy

After nine grueling weeks, a journey across Britain, and innumerable astonishing bakes, the Bake Off finalists have been decided. The ultimate showdown will take place beneath the iconic white tent, where legends will be made and winners crowned.

Tensions will undoubtedly be higher than the most gravity-defying cake construction. Pressure has melted stronger bakers before. But for the select few who make it this far, their spines are as steely as their whisks. Let’s preview what promises to be the most dramatic and decadent Bake Off finale yet!


Technical Titans Matty and Rowan: Brains Battle Brawn

Few doubt that scientist Rowan and quantum physicist Matty will grace the finale. Their technical mastery has demolished even the toughest challenges – from perfect puff to flawless pâte à choux.

But their approaches differ starkly. Matty wields calculations and hard data, while Rowan blends in sophisticated aesthetics. It’s brains versus beauty.

While Matty favors complex molecular gastronomy, Rowan grounds his bakes in British tradition. Fireworks will undoubtedly fly when these technical titans collide!


Pastry Picassos Dana and Abbi: Artistry vs Authenticity

Alongside technical genius, moving masterpieces are made by expressive creators like Dana and Abbi. Dana crafts edible art as vibrant and bold as her Mexican heritage. Abbi’s pastoral elegance conjures the natural splendor of the English countryside.

But while Dana weaves intimacy and identity into her work, Abbi values refined technique above all. It’s authenticity versus artistry. Both bakers bare their souls through sugar and spice – but whose essence will elevate them to victory?


Surprise Finalist? The Wildcard Possibilities

Of course, surprises happen! Perhaps Saku’s surgical skills will slice through the finals, or Nicky’s Italian bravado will rise to the finale. Amos seeks redemption; Tasha represents perseverance.

Never count out an underdog in Bake Off. Passion and tenacity can outweigh experience. The flakiest filo or silkiest ganache means nothing without heart. And heart often wins the day in the tent.


Challenges to Crown the Best of Britain’s Bakers

To decide the champion, three final challenges will push creativity, technique, and ingenuity to their limits.

The final signature will likely demand delicate, showstopping entremets. Technical brilliance will be tested by multilayered, jewel-like mille-feuille. And the ultimate showstopper challenge? Extraordinary edible scenes paying homage to Britain’s landscapes. Flavor, finesse, and feeling must unite.

The finale represents a culmination of the bakers’ growth and the bonds forged. But only one can claim the golden trophy and title. How will their stories and skills converge to crown Britain’s best?


The Everlasting Magic of Bake Off: Why This Show Captivates Hearts

As another season reaches its crescendo, we once again reflect: why does this baking show enchant the world so? What gives Bake Off its timeless appeal and resonance? At its core, it celebrates the joys of nurturing community and one’s passion. Bake Off provides a respite from division by showcasing cooperation and compassion. Its contenders become collaborators; competition gives way to camaraderie. Through sugar, butter, and flour, we rediscover playfulness. We remember that perfection lies not in precision but joyful expression. Life always offers second chances to rise again.

Bake Off represents the human experience distilled into pastries and confections. It is whimsical and profound, familiar and extraordinary, poignant and hopeful. Like life, it reminds us that every moment presents an opportunity for growth and connection. And so we knead the dough of life. We watch cookies crumble and cakes collapse because we know we will gather the crumbs and begin again. We persist through burned brownies and broken babkas with an eternal wellspring of resilience.

This is why Bake Off persists in touching the human spirit. It is the story of us, told through the love-infused labor of bakers. Whatever may come, the tent endures as a sanctuary celebrating passion and community. And it always will.


Frequently Asked Questions


What are the biggest rivalries this season?

Some bitter rivalries have emerged, like between Dan and Keith over brownies and accusations that Amos sabotaged his competitors’ bakes. But there have also been touching moments of teamwork, like Cristy helping Tasha during chocolate week.

Who are the frontrunners to make it to the finale?

Early predictions favor hyper-technical bakers like Matty and Rowan to make the finale, along with creative talents like Dana and Abbi. But surprises can always happen on Bake Off!

What has been the most memorable bake so far?

There are too many to choose! Memorable bakes include Matty’s gravity-defying vertical cake tower, Rowan’s architectural chocolate boxes, and Tasha’s groundbreaking deaf-inspired showstopper.

How can I watch the new season?

The new season of Great British Bake Off airs on Channel 4 in the UK and is available internationally on!

What happens in the finale?

The finale will feature the final signature, technical, and showstopper challenges to determine the winner. Rumored challenges include entremets, mille-feuille, and edible landscape scenes. It’s sure to be a dramatic culmination!

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