Great British Menu 2022 episode 20 – SW Mains and Dessert

Great British Menu 2022 episode 20 - SW Mains and Dessert

Great British Menu 2022 episode 20 – SW Mains and Dessert: The three chefs are halfway through their heat, and the pressure is mounting. Once again, they each serve their unique interpretations of the brief celebrating 100 years of British broadcasting.



For mains, one chef is taking inspiration from long-running Radio 4 classic Desert Island Discs, another is paying homage to William and Kate’s wedding in a lamb feast with apricots and sauternes, and there’s also a dish celebrating Neville Chamberlain’s radio broadcast announcing the Second World War in 1939, which champions wild Somerset deer paired with a beef fat pastry pithivier.

Meanwhile, for dessert, there’s a celebration of classic comedy Only Fools and Horses, an apple sorbet with decompressed apple elements to pay homage to Radio 4’s The Pips, and a raspberry parfait with lime curd in honour of the BBC’s launch of a full colour TV service in 1969. Only two will proceed to cook for the judges and have a chance to represent south west England at the regional finals.


Great British Menu 2022 episode 20 – SW Mains and Dessert


Great British Menu is back for an incredible seventeenth series, highlighting the amazing culinary talent found across the UK and pitting chefs against one another in a bid to get a spot at the coveted banquet. While the format is staying the same as last year, there are a good few changes, including a brand new judging team and of course a fresh new brief for the judges to tailor their dishes to. Here’s everything you need to know in advance of the series starting.

This year the chef’s will be tasked with creating dishes that reflect ‘100 Years of Great British Broadcasting’. The BBC’s first ever radio broadcast was in 1922, kickstarting a complete overhaul of how we all consume media and culture ever since. We’re expecting plenty of TV and radio-themed props, as well as dishes that pay homage to some of the most iconic British TV shows ever made. The final banquet will be held at Alexandra Palace in London, attended by all sorts of famous faces from TV and radio.

It’s all changing this year, with last year’s line-up of Matthew Forte, Oliver Peyton and Rachel Khoo being replaced by some fresh new faces. Instead, we have Tom Kerridge, the multi-Michelin-starred chef behind The Hand and Flowers, The Coach and Kerridge’s Bar and Grill; Nisha Katona, the chef behind the very popular Mowgli Street Food restaurants and the author of four cookbooks; and Ed Gamble, who many will know from his role hosting the Off Menu podcast with fellow comedian James Acaster. Andi Oliver will still be in amongst the action in the Great British Menu kitchen, acting as host. Each week the regular judges will be joined by a guest judge connected to the broadcasting theme.

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