Great British Menu 2024 episode 26 – The Finals: Fish Course

Great British Menu 2024 episode 26 - The Finals

Great British Menu 2024 episode 26 – The Great British Menu, the highly acclaimed culinary competition, has returned with a bang for its 2024 season, showcasing the exceptional talents of eight finalists vying for the coveted opportunity to create a remarkable banquet celebrating the Olympics and Paralympics. This year’s edition promises to be a true feast for the senses, as these skilled chefs push boundaries and elevate their craft to new heights.


In the latest episode, the eight finalists faced the daunting task of preparing a show-stopping fish course that would earn them a place on the esteemed banquet menu. With the pressure mounting, these culinary artists pulled out all the stops, meticulously crafting dishes that not only tantalised the taste buds but also paid homage to the spirit of the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Great British Menu 2024 episode 26 – The Finals: Fish Course

Overseeing this culinary showdown was a panel of esteemed judges, each bringing their unique expertise and discerning palates to the table. Joining the illustrious lineup was none other than Emily Campbell, the champion weightlifter who captured a silver medal at the Tokyo Olympics. Her presence added an extra layer of authenticity and Olympic spirit to the proceedings.

Michelin-starred chef Tom Kerridge, whose culinary prowess has earned him international acclaim, lent his refined taste and critical eye to the judging process. Restaurateur Nisha Katona, known for her mastery of Indian flavors, brought a global perspective to the table, ensuring that the dishes not only impressed visually but also delighted with their diverse array of flavors.

Great British Menu 2024 episode 26 – The Finals: Fish Course

Rounding out the panel was food podcaster and comedian Ed Gamble, whose wit and humor added a touch of levity to the high-stakes competition, reminding everyone that at the heart of great cuisine lies a passion for bringing joy to diners.

Great British Menu 2024 episode 26 – The Finals: Fish Course

A Showcase of Culinary Brilliance

As the chefs immersed themselves in the challenge, the kitchen became a veritable canvas for their culinary artistry. With their first-day nerves behind them, the finalists found their rhythm, allowing their true talents to shine through. Each dish was a masterpiece in its own right, showcasing intricate techniques, bold flavor combinations, and meticulous attention to detail.

The judges were blown away by the sheer level of skill and creativity on display. From delicate seafood preparations that highlighted the natural flavors of the fish to bold, innovative interpretations that pushed the boundaries of traditional cuisine, each dish offered a unique and memorable dining experience.

Deciding the Winner: A Culinary Sophie’s Choice

As the judges savored each bite, the task of selecting a winner became increasingly challenging. The level of excellence displayed by the finalists was truly remarkable, making the decision a true culinary Sophie’s Choice. Ultimately, after much deliberation and spirited discussion, one chef emerged triumphant, earning the coveted right to cook their exceptional fish course at the banquet celebrating the Olympics and Paralympics.

With this episode in the books, the anticipation builds for the remaining courses and the grand finale, where the ultimate banquet menu will be unveiled. The Great British Menu 2024 promises to be a culinary odyssey like no other, celebrating the spirit of the Olympic and Paralympic Games while showcasing the finest talents Britain’s culinary scene has to offer.

Stay tuned as the competition intensifies, and the chefs continue to push the boundaries of flavor, technique, and artistry, leaving a lasting impression on diners and viewers alike.

F.A.Q. about the Great British Menu 2024: Episode 26 – The Finals: Fish Course

Q1: What is the Great British Menu 2024, and how does it relate to the Olympics and Paralympics?

A.: The Great British Menu 2024 is a prestigious culinary competition broadcast on BBC Two, designed to showcase the extraordinary talent of chefs across the UK. This particular season is themed around celebrating the Olympics and Paralympics, with finalists vying to create a banquet that honors the spirit and achievements of these global sporting events. Chefs are challenged to draw inspiration from the Olympic and Paralympic Games, creating dishes that embody the dedication, excellence, and international camaraderie these events represent.

Q2: What was the specific challenge for the finalists in episode 26?

A.: In episode 26, titled “The Finals: Fish Course,” the eight finalists faced the task of preparing a fish course that stood out for its creativity, taste, and presentation. The challenge was to create a dish that could potentially earn a spot on the prestigious banquet menu, celebrating the Olympics and Paralympics. The chefs were required to push their culinary boundaries, showcasing not only their skill and creativity but also their ability to encapsulate the essence of the Olympic and Paralympic spirit through their dishes.

Q3: Who were the judges in this episode, and what unique perspectives did they bring?

A.: The panel of judges comprised Emily Campbell, a champion weightlifter and Olympic silver medalist; Tom Kerridge, a Michelin-starred chef; Nisha Katona, a restaurateur known for her expertise in Indian cuisine; and Ed Gamble, a food podcaster and comedian. Each judge brought a distinct perspective to the table: Campbell added authenticity and insight into the spirit of the Olympics, Kerridge offered culinary excellence, Katona provided a global flavor perspective, and Gamble contributed humor and a lighter touch to the high-stakes competition.

Q4: How did the chefs approach the challenge, and what was the outcome?

A.: The chefs approached the challenge with a blend of innovation, skill, and respect for their ingredients. They focused on creating dishes that not only highlighted the natural flavors of the fish but also incorporated bold, imaginative elements that pushed the boundaries of traditional cuisine. Each dish was a reflection of the chef’s unique style and culinary philosophy, aiming to create a memorable dining experience. The competition was fierce, with high levels of excellence making the judges’ decision a difficult one. Ultimately, one chef’s dish was selected for its exceptional creativity, taste, and alignment with the Olympic and Paralympic theme, earning them a place at the banquet.

Q5: What significance does the Great British Menu hold for Britain’s culinary scene and viewers at home?

A.: The Great British Menu holds significant cultural and culinary importance in Britain. It not only highlights the country’s rich gastronomic heritage and the innovation within its culinary scene but also serves as a platform for chefs to showcase their talents on a national stage. For viewers at home, the show offers a glimpse into the creative processes of top chefs, inspiring culinary enthusiasts with new ideas and appreciation for the art of cooking. Additionally, by tying in themes like the Olympics and Paralympics, the show fosters a sense of national pride and unity, celebrating British achievements on both the culinary and international sports stages.

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