Great British Menu episode 17 2019 – SW – Mains and Dessert

Great British Menu episode 17 2019

In Great British Menu episode 17 2019: the chefs are halfway through the south west heat. Today they present their mains and desserts to veteran Daniel Clifford, aiming to secure a place at Friday’s judges’ chamber.



Emily’s David Bowie-inspired dish celebrates Britain’s food heroes and she is using Cornish duck meat from her local producer that she pairs with grilled radicchio and Malbec sauce. Joe has sourced his ingredients locally too – using hay from his family farm and Jersey beef.


Great British Menu episode 17 2019 – SW – Mains and Dessert


But can he convince veteran Daniel that beef from a milk cow is worthy of the banquet? Furthermore, he is going head to head with Lee in a ‘battle of the beef’. Lee has opted for sirloin, which he accompanies with bone marrow jam and grilled hispi cabbage with yeast extract butter and celeriac crumb. Dessert gives the chefs their last chance to fight for a place at Friday’s judges’ chamber, so there is everything to play for.

The Police are Joe’s inspiration for his dish Message in a Bottle, which includes chamomile ice cream made from Jersey milk along with granola and fennel pollen meringue all set in a half glass bottle. Emily’s dessert is dedicated to disco and like Joe she is also making ice cream but, in a nostalgic move, has decided to make hers in her mother’s antiquated ice cream machine from the 1980s. Will it be up to the job? Meanwhile, Lee’s Beatles-inspired dish Strawberry Fields is a complex creation which takes the strawberry to the next level. But will he impress the judges with the technical nature of his dish?

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