Great British Menu episode 20 2019 – Wales: Main & Dessert

Great British Menu episode 20 2019

In Great British Menu episode 20 2019: the chefs are halfway through the Wales heat. Today they present their musically-inspired mains and desserts aiming to secure a place at Friday’s judges’ chamber.



Andy is cooking venison in celebration of his favourite band, Oasis. He accompanies the loin with rhubarb and beetroot ketchup, black pudding puree, pickled beetroot and a pistachio crumb. Westy’s beef dish The Cow Shed is named after a former stage at the Glastonbury festival. But his beef cheeks take longer to cook than he had hoped, leaving him with little time to make his tricky consomme. Cindy’s Spice Girls-inspired beef main course, called Spice Up Your Life, involves an unusual and risky combination of wasabi and horseradish that she is hoping will set her apart from the other two chefs. But will this be a risk that pays off?


Great British Menu episode 20 2019 – Wales: Main & Dessert


With the main course scores leaving the bottom two chefs just one point apart it is down to dessert to decide which of our three chefs will be going home and which two will stay to cook for the judges’ chamber.

Andy’s tribute to legendary Welsh songstress Dame Shirely Bassey is called Goldfinger. It is a symphony of chocolate and coffee with bling decoration befitting the diva herself. Westy pays homage to his music idols The Sex Pistols with his dish God Save The Queen. He battles to create an eton mess with colours of the Union Jack but can he pull it off? Cindy has her struggles with her dish Our Number One, which celebrates the unsung heroes of the music industry. She has already taken risks with various degrees of success and now she takes the riskiest of all – putting everything she has on a dessert that requires molecular gastronomy technique. Only veteran Phil Howard can decide if she made the right choice.

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