Great British Menu episode 6 2017 – Southwest Starter

Great British Menu episode 6 2017

This week in Great British Menu episode 6 2017 , it is the south west heats as two ambitious newcomers, Tom Brown and Andy Clatworthy, take on returning chef Dominic Chapman. After meeting their surprise veteran judge, the three chefs get in the kitchen where each is taking a risk with their starter. Dom, taking part in the competition for the third time, is under pressure to prepare the many elements of his complex summer salad.



Great British Menu episode 6 2017 – Southwest Starter


Newcomer Tom worries his clean and elegant dish will fail to impress the veteran judge. Fellow first-timer Andy tries to prove that his mushroom-centred dish has a place at a taste of summer banquet.

This year on Great British Menu, the ultimate professional cooking competition, 24 of Britain’s top chefs are competing for the chance to cook at a prestigious Taste of Summer banquet celebrating 140 years of the iconic Wimbledon Championships. The chefs have been challenged to create outstanding dishes that capture a ‘taste of summer’.

Their menus must reflect the tastes, smells and colours of everybody’s favourite time of year and pay tribute to the incredible history and prestige of the tournament.

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