Hairy Bikers’ Mediterranean Adventure ep.1

Hairy Bikers' Mediterranean Adventure ep.1

The Hairy Bikers seek out the authentic flavours of the Mediterranean.



The Hairy Bikers go off the beaten track in search of authentic flavours of Italy, from simple, local ingredients to spicy ‘nduja pate and some of the best gelato to be found.


Hairy Bikers’ Mediterranean Adventure ep.1 dishes:


 1. Calabrian pork ribs


Calabrian pork ribs
Calabrian pork ribs

This flavoursome pork rib roast is cut from pork belly still on the bone. Perfect for marinating and then cooking low and slow before a quick grill or go on the barbecue.

 2. Stuffed aubergines


Stuffed aubergines
Stuffed aubergines

A great example of ‘cucina povera’ (kitchen of the poor), simple, yet flavoursome peasant-style Italian cooking at its best.

 3. Cialledda salad

Cold bread salad may not sound very appealing in English, but translated into Italian, with lovely ripe tomatoes, garlic, olives, basil and red onion, now you’re talking!

 4. Grilled swordfish

This light summery dish of grilled swordfish looks effortless when you have friends over.

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