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Kate Humble Good Life, Green Life

Kate Humble: Good Life, Green Life

Kate Humble: Good Life, Green Life: Kate will show simple and easy ways to not only help save the planet but save us money too. She’ll show how making your own pond and adding some marine plants can help wildlife.



The broadcaster and farmer demonstrates ways to help save the planet by living sustainably, maintaining biodiversity and cutting down on waste, all while saving money into the bargain. She shows how making a pond and adding marine plants can help some fast-disappearing wildlife, reveals tips to attract bees, and encourages everyone to forage for free food on their doorsteps

“A third of the earth’s natural resources have been destroyed by humans in just 30 years,” Kate Humble says in a mildly lecturing tone before encouraging us all to do our bit to save our planet – and make ourselves happier in the process. “Looking after our world isn’t a chore, it is a joy!” she adds.

In this programme she shows us how easy it is to make small differences, whether that’s reducing plastic waste or growing things. We can attract our essential bee population with plants such as lavender or poppies (but not marigolds, which are an “abomination” for bees) and make a wildlife pond without even digging a hole.Kate is an engaging presenter, who makes you think “I could have a go at that”, whatever it is. Her gin-based cocktail involving foraged honeysuckle, elderflower and nettles certainly looks a winner, although she’s being optimistic hoping that the medicinal qualities of the plants in her drink will make her healthy for the rest of the year. It’ll probably make her happy, though.


Kate Humble: Good Life, Green Life


Growing up around farms and wildlife, Kate Humble has always had a fascination for nature. After leaving school, Kate travelled further afield to explore Africa; travelling from Cape to Cairo doing various jobs along the way. Returning to England she began working for television production companies, working her way up to producer before jetting back off to Africa with her husband.

Since then, Kate has written travel articles for the likes of The Telegraph, The Times and Wanderlust Magazine; presented numerous BBC nature programmes; and explored much more of the world including walking 1500kms through the Sahara Desert.

Kate Humble is a well-known and much-loved British TV presenter who has garnered followers thanks to her fascinating programmes such as Volcano Live, Wild Things and, of course, the famed Springwatch and Autumnwatch. With her bubbly but informative nature she clearly imparts her knowledge in a fun and friendly way.

More recently, Kate and her team of fellow nature enthusiasts portrayed the effects of climate change on polar bears in their BBC production Arctic Live. This took them to Churchill in Arctic Canada presenting live from the tundra. Climate change is a topic that is close to Kate’s heart and which has been the focus of a number of her programmes.

Kate Humble: Good Life, Green Life

Kate Humble: Good Life, Green Life: Kate will show simple and easy ways to not only help save the planet but save us money too.