MasterChef episode 18 2019 – UK

MasterChef episode 18 2019 – UK

MasterChef episode 18 2019 – UK: Last week, five contestants were guaranteed a semi-finals place. Now, the other five remaining cooks are going head-to-head to fight for their place alongside them in the semi-finals.



Judges John Torode and Gregg Wallace are joined by renowned chef Alexis Gauthier, whose London restaurant now offers a completely plant-based menu. The five contestants are set a brief by Alexis to prep and cook one outstanding plant-based dish in just 90 minutes.

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  1. Lesley Silver (omnivore)

    M Gauthier is a recent convert to veganism, with all the aggressive, proselytising zeal of a convert.
    He says he won’t eat anything with a face. Virtuous? No, he’s just found a handy loophole that allows him to eat living things without faces.
    Like oysters.

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