RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2023 episode 12

RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2023 episode 12

RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2023 episode 12: As another exciting week draws to its conclusion, our very own Monty Don and Joe Swift, renowned horticulturists and green thumbs, are preparing to honor the recipient of the highly esteemed BBC RHS People’s Choice Award with an exuberant celebration. This award, selected by the audience and a true testament to the appreciation of horticultural beauty, stirs excitement and anticipation among garden enthusiasts each year.



In tandem with this, we are privileged to welcome actor and fervent gardening enthusiast, Caroline Quentin. Caroline is set to provide us with a rare and exclusive journey through the tranquil havens of her glorious garden located in the picturesque landscape of Devon. This immersive exploration promises a kaleidoscopic display of greenery, flowers, and design elements that reflect Caroline’s passion for the craft and are sure to inspire fellow gardening aficionados.



Further on, the always delightful Carol Klein will take us on an illuminating journey into her own horticultural preferences. With her wealth of gardening knowledge and experience, Carol will share some of her “guilty pleasure” plants from the competition. These are plants that, while perhaps not garnering the limelight during the competition, are truly deserving of a second look and renewed adoration. This segment, rich with insight and revelations, is set to ignite passion and offer fresh perspectives on what makes a plant truly special.



To conclude this exciting line-up, we’ll journey behind the scenes with Adam Frost as he sheds light on the artistry behind our beloved gardens. Adam, known for his keen eye for detail and insightful commentary, will reveal how designers ingeniously utilize plants and materials to construct breathtakingly stunning sanctuaries. Moreover, he will explore how these creations aren’t just about visual appeal, but also about making our gardens resilient in the face of the changing climate. This behind-the-scenes glimpse will provide valuable understanding on balancing aesthetics and environmental adaptability in garden design, offering viewers an enriched and holistic gardening perspective.


RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2023 episode 12 – A Bloom-filled Journey

A Royal Tribute: Commemorating the Late Queen

One of the most poignant moments of the show was the commemoration of the late Queen with a special garden designed by Dave Green. This garden wasn’t just a tribute; it was a tapestry of memories, beautifully woven with the threads of love, respect, and admiration for the late monarch.

Echoing the King’s Preferences: A Palette of Blues, Purples, and Pinks

The King’s preferred plants, expressed through a delightful palette of blues, purples, and pinks, formed a significant part of the exhibit. These specific hues created a visual symphony that echoed the King’s personal preferences, making his presence felt throughout the show.

Sowing Seeds of Change: Popular Themes of the Show

The show embraced a variety of themes, from promoting gardening for all, highlighting the value of gardening for health and wellbeing, to educating on gardening in an ever-changing climate​1​. Edible plants and naturalistic planting were among the most resonant themes, reflecting the shift towards sustainability and the connection between the garden and the kitchen.

Gardening for a Cause: Charitable Gardens at the Show

Charity was deeply rooted in the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2023, with several prize-winning gardens representing notable causes. The National Brain Appeal’s Rare Space Garden and the Samaritans’ Listening Garden were among the most noteworthy, each telling a story that moved hearts and inspired action.

Celebrating Excellence: Awards and Recognitions

The show concluded with an awards ceremony recognizing the top performers. Among the winners were “Horatio’s Garden” for Best Show Garden, “The Centrepoint Garden” for Best Construction Award, Show Garden, “The National Brain Appeal’s Rare Space” for Best Sanctuary Garden and Best Construction Award, Sanctuary Garden, “Feels Like Home” for Best Balcony & Container Garden, and “The Talitha Arts Garden” for Best All About Plants Garden.

In conclusion, the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2023 was more than just a gardening event. It was a celebration of life, nature, and the power of gardening to enrich lives and make the world a greener, more beautiful place.

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