The Beechgrove Garden 2021 episode 24

The Beechgrove Garden 2021 episode 24

The Beechgrove Garden 2021 episode 24: The Beechgrove team are all looking ahead in this bulb special. Carole and Mairi show how to force hyacinths for Christmas, while George naturalises fritillaria bulbs in his lawn and also tries to create the best recipe for ‘lasagna’ layered bulb planting for the coming spring.



From the Murrays in Melvich to Diana in West Linton, the Beechgrowers are back for the final round-up, bringing their own personal gardening video diaries from all across Scotland for the final time this season.

And we visit Lynne Chapman’s garden in Cumbernauld. During lockdown last year, Lynne decided to tackle her overgrown and rubbish-filled back yard and turn it into a dream garden for her and new husband David’s wedding venue.


The Beechgrove Garden 2021 episode 24



Bulbs bring spectacular colour to gardens across the seasons, but especially in spring. From cheery daffodils to elegant tulips, blowsy gladioli to demure snowdrops, there are bulbs for all styles and growing conditions. A container of miniature bulbs will brighten up even the smallest space, while some dramatic dahlias or cannas will make a big splash in even the grandest of borders.

Planted when dormant, bulbs may look unassuming, but after just a few months they’ll reward you with exquisite flowers. It includes a wide range of flower shapes, colours and sizes as this is a large and diverse group. Most bulbs like a sunny spot with soil that drains well. They prefer moist soil during the growing season, but often need drier conditions when the foliage dies back and they become dormant.

Those from Mexico, such as dahlias, may not survive the winter outside, especially if the tubers are subjected to frost, or grown in heavy clay soil that remains wet overwinter. If planted at the wrong depth or the wrong time, bulbs may fail to flower.

Snake’s head

Fritillary, any ornamental plant of the genus Fritillaria of the family Liliaceae, consisting of about 80 species of bulbous, mostly perennial herbs, native primarily to the North Temperate Zone. Members of the genus have bell-shaped nodding flowers that usually are solitary. The leaves alternate along the stem or are in whorls. A nectar gland is present at the base of each of the six parts of the flower.

In many species the flower has a checkered appearance. The fruit is a three-valved capsule with many seeds. Snake’s head, or toad lily (F. meleagris), a species with poisonous bulbs, and crown imperial (F. imperialis), a strong-smelling plant, are commonly cultivated as garden flowers.

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