The Beechgrove Garden episode 11 2019

Beechgrove Garden episode 11

The Beechgrove Garden episode 11 2019:  potatoes taste best when you grow your own and straight from the ground. Carole harvests three varieties of tiny potatoes from the container garden and Brian and George form an orderly queue to taste them.



George, Brian and Carole attempt to answer as many viewer gardening questions as they can in a quick-fire round dealing with Scotland’s top-ten pests and diseases for 2019.

The Beechgrove Garden episode 11 2019


Brian visits The Field Project in Dunkeld. An all-inclusive community project with people of all ages and backgrounds, it is a collective where they say ‘we grow everything for everybody’.

George visits the garden of George and Christine Porteous in Lockerbie. The garden is much admired by passers-by, who draw up outside in cars and even tourist buses stop to take photographs of this colourful, award-winning garden. George joins the tourists stopping to admire the garden.

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