The Beechgrove Garden episode 26 2016

Beechgrove Garden episode 26 2016

It’s the final programme of the series and Jim, Carole, George and Chris are battening down the hatches, preparing the garden for the winter but also making plans for spring. Carole is starting her Christmas wrapping early as she shows how to wrap up tender plants around the garden that need extra protection.



George and Jim are in the fruit cage, where it’s a good time to take stock and do some remedial fruit work. Carole also visits Huntly Cot, a unique garden near Temple in Midlothian. At its centre is a heart-shaped heather garden, with a natural spring burn, perfectly in tune with the garden’s moorland setting.


Beechgrove Garden episode 26 2016:


Greenhouse Winter Preparations

As day lengths shorten and light levels drop and it starts to get colder, we turn to work in the greenhouse. Jim was in his 8×6 greenhouse and now it’s important to remove any permanent or semi – permanent shading to allow light in.

Winter protection and spring planning

The presenting team were in different parts of Beechgrove catching up on winter protection jobs and looking forward to the spring. In the Cutting Garden. Carole
and Jim were looking at the treatment of half hardy perennials over winter. These can be kept over the winter and started off again in the spring.

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