The Great Garden Revolution 2022 episode 2

The Great Garden Revolution 2022 episode 2

The Great Garden Revolution 2022 episode 2: In Bradford, the team help Nadiya and her kids create a grow-your-own garden, including an edible layer garden, a delicious edible lawn and a drop-down fence that becomes a table.



The team are in Bradford to help a family create a grow-your-own garden, and offer tips on planting your own food. Errol Reuben Fernandes creates an edible layer garden packed with things you can’t find in the supermarket, Bruce Kenneth creates a drop-down fence that becomes a table, and Joel Bird plants an edible lawn. Plus, Scarlett Moffatt shows viewers around her own garden

If your garden is less Chelsea Flower Show and more overgrown wasteland, this is the makeover show for you. Back for a second series, its idea is to inspire us to get out into our gardens and enjoy reconnecting with the natural world, but it’s aimed squarely at the novice. Down-to-earth presenters Joel Bird, Errol Reuben Fernandes and Bruce Kenneth are a cheery lot who don’t baffle us with horticultural science but instead offer wheelbarrow-loads of easy-to-follow tips and guidance. Errol’s masterclass on pruning and propagation make it look a cinch.


The Great Garden Revolution 2022 episode 2


Designed to ‘inspire Brits to get out in their gardens’, the new four-part series will showcase amazing outdoor spaces and is packed with experts, products, design and planting advice. We’ve become a nation of keen DIYers, with almost two-thirds of us tending to our outdoor spaces to help us get through lockdown. And, with gardening now one of the nation’s favourite pastimes (ahead of reading, cooking or exercising), it couldn’t have come at a better time.

Each one-hour episode comes from a different domestic garden around the UK where a team of experts – designer Joel Bird, craftsman Bruce Kenneth and horticulturist Errol Reuben Fernandes – will be harnessing their expertise to transform that week’s garden, using Ronseal products.

The experts will give viewers a variety of tips, builds and ideas that can be put into action straight away, and it will feature a celebrity guest each week who will show off their own garden and demonstrate their bespoke hacks. With easy makeover ideas and garden transformations, it’s sure to inspire viewers watching at home.


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