The Hidden Truth of WWII episode 3

The Hidden Truth of WWII episode 3

The Hidden Truth of WWII episode 3: December 16th 1944 – three German armies have been amassed in total secrecy with one sole aim – to send the Allies back into the sea and change the outcome of World War Two. The troops on the ground will have to dig deeper than ever before if they are to destroy Hitler’s last gamble in Europe.



The Battle of the Bulge was one of the most significant battles fought during World War II. It was a turning point in the war, and it had a profound impact on both sides. In this post, we will explore what happened during the battle, why it was so important, and who were the key players involved.




The Hidden Truth recounts the moments of key battles in the European and Pacific theaters through the use of recently unearthed reconnaissance photos that were taken during the actual battle as well as in the days and weeks prior. Interviews with men on both sides of each battle offer a fresh look at the war. This series offers an unprecedented viewpoint of famous battles in Europe during WWII, using recently unearthed reconnaissance photos that were taken during the actual battles.

For over 60 years these photographs have remained lost, or forgotten…until now. For the first time these original high-resolution images allow the viewer to track the battle, step by step from the air. Individual stories of courage and heroism can be placed in the exact location where they took place. Using cutting edge technology, unique archive film, re-enactments and extraordinary interviews with the men who were there The Lost Evidence offers a new perspective on history.


The Hidden Truth of WWII episode 3


What Happened During The Battle?

The Battle of the Bulge took place from December 16th to January 25th, 1945. It was fought between Germany and Allied forces in Belgium and Luxembourg. The Germans launched a surprise attack on Allied forces with over 400,000 soldiers across an 80-mile front. This offensive aimed to split Allied forces in half and capture Antwerp’s port, which would have cut off Allied supplies.

Initially, German forces made significant advances against unprepared American troops who were caught off guard by the attack’s ferocity. However, as reinforcements arrived from other parts of Europe, American troops started to push back against German forces.

In January 1945, after weeks of fighting in harsh winter conditions that slowed down both sides’ movements, Allied forces finally managed to repel German troops entirely out of Belgium and Luxembourg.

Why Was The Battle So Important?

The Battle of the Bulge marked a turning point in World War II for several reasons:

1) It was Germany’s last major offensive: After losing significant ground on multiple fronts throughout Europe in previous years, Germany launched this last desperate attack as its final attempt to turn around its fortunes on the battlefield.

2) It resulted in massive casualties: Over 100 thousand soldiers died or were wounded during this battle alone.

3) It delayed Germany’s surrender: Although Germany’s defeat seemed inevitable at this point in time due to its weakened position across various fronts throughout Europe; however; Hitler refused to surrender until April 30th when he committed suicide.

Who Were The Key Players Involved? – The Hidden Truth of WWII episode 3

There were several key players involved during The Battle Of The Bulge:

1) Adolf Hitler – leader of Nazi Germany who ordered this last-ditch effort

2) General Dwight D Eisenhower – Supreme Commander of all Allied Forces

3) General George S Patton Jr – commander-in-chief US Third Army

4) Field Marshal Gerd von Rundstedt – Commander-in-Chief West for German Forces

In The Hidden Truth of WWII episode 3 you will find answers to this questions:

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