The Invasion – The Outbreak of World War II

The Invasion - The Outbreak of World War II

The Invasion – The Outbreak of World War II: On 1 September 1939, Hitler started the most fatal war in world history. With the invasion of Poland, he did not only aim at destroying the military force of the neighboring country but also at depriving its people of their livelihood. The German-Polish two-part series reconstructs how the Fuhrer triggered a chain of events sparking a global conflagration. It also includes selected interviews with Roman Polanski and Andrzej Wajda who witnessed the attack, when they were children.


The Invasion – The Outbreak of World War II – Part 1: The first day


Hitler’s Poland Campaign unleashed a “Blitzkrieg” lasting six weeks only. However, it was a war of unprecedented brutality resulting in a tremendous suffering of the Polish people in the long run. Jews were herded into Ghettos; other residents were imprisoned in camps for forced labor or displaced to make way for German settlers. Hundreds and thousands of them became victims of the Nazi murder machine.

The Invasion – The Outbreak of World War II – Part 2: The first Victim



In part 2, the series sheds light on some of their lives telling almost forgotten stories.This is a detailed look at what happened in Poland during WW2. Featuring interviews with German, Polish and Jewish survivors, it incorporates real footage and reenactments to detail a story that is virtually unknown outside of Poland. They were the first victims.

The invasion of Poland, known in Poland as the September campaign or the 1939 defensive war, and in Germany as the Poland campaign, was an invasion of Poland by Germany that marked the beginning of World War II. The German invasion began on 1 September 1939, one week after the signing of the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact between Germany and the Soviet Union. The Soviets invaded Poland on 17 September following the Molotov–Tōgō agreement that terminated the Soviet and Japanese Battles of Khalkhin Gol in the east on 16 September. The campaign ended on 6 October with Germany and the Soviet Union dividing and annexing the whole of Poland under the terms of the German–Soviet Frontier Treaty.

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