Unsealed: Alien Files – Alien Encyclopedia episode 1

Unsealed: Alien Files - Alien Encyclopedia episode 1

Unsealed: Alien Files – Alien Encyclopedia: A mysterious book outlines decades of cooperation between the U.S. military and alien forces on Earth, as well as a massive government cover-up to hide the visitors from the world.



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In April 2011 the FBI declassified decades’ worth of secret government documents that contain thousands of reports of UFO sightings and alien activity. Each episode of this half-hour series tackles one alien case by investigating the previously off-limits government files. The program re-examines key evidence and follows developing leads based on newly released information.

Mass UFO sightings, personal abductions, government cover-ups, and alien news from around the world are some of the topics covered by the show’s panel of specialists, who include journalists, researchers, and radio and TV hosts. After watching an episode of `Unsealed: Alien Files’, you may begin to believe that `we are not alone’.


Unsealed: Alien Files – Alien Encyclopedia


Blue Planet Project is allegedly the notebook of a scientist who worked on a top secret United States government program involving alien research. The document contains notes and drawings supposedly made by the scientist. The scientist visited various ufo crash sites, and the notes and drawings were allegedly made from those visits. This book is in the public domain.

By the time Project Blue Book ended, it had collected 12,618 UFO reports, and concluded that most of them were misidentifications of natural phenomena (clouds, stars, etc.) or conventional aircraft. According to the National Reconnaissance Office a number of the reports could be explained by flights of the formerly secret reconnaissance planes U-2 and A-12. A small percentage of UFO reports were classified as unexplained, even after stringent analysis. The UFO reports were archived and are available under the Freedom of Information Act, but names and other personal information of all witnesses have been redacted.

According to Captain Edward J. Ruppelt, by the end of 1951, several high-ranking, very influential USAF generals were so dissatisfied with the state of Air Force UFO investigations that they dismantled Project Grudge and replaced it with Project Blue Book in March 1952. One of these men was Gen. Charles P. Cabell. Another important change came when General William Garland joined Cabell’s staff; Garland thought the UFO question deserved serious scrutiny because he had witnessed a UFO.


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