Winterwatch 2023 episode 7

Winterwatch 2023 episode 7

Winterwatch 2023 episode 7: Michaela Strachan celebrates one of Norfolk’s most sensational winter species, pink-footed geese, while Chris Packham catches up on all the action from the live wildlife cameras. In Edinburgh, Gillian Burke and Iolo Williams move to the coast to showcase Scotland’s marine species, and Megan McCubbin meets the newly elected president of the RSPB, Dr Amir Khan, for a few tips ahead of this weekend’s Big Garden Bird Watch.




Winterwatch is a popular annual British television series that showcases the lives of British wildlife during the winter season in the UK. Produced by the BBC Natural History Unit, the series is presented by Chris Packham, Michaela Strachan, and Iolo Williams. Viewers can expect to see cutting-edge camera technology that allows them to see wildlife in their natural habitat. Hidden cameras and remote operation capture natural behavior of birds in their nests and badgers outside their sett. The series also includes live cameras for real-time viewing.

Winterwatch is known for its vast array of bird life. The program covers a wide range of bird species, including rare and endangered ones. Some of the notable birds include marsh harrier, bittern, and bearded tit. The program also features waterfowl such as mallard, teal, and wigeon. Besides birds, the series also covers other forms of wildlife, including mammals, insects, and plants. The program follows the lives of different animals during the winter, such as badgers, foxes, and deer. It also highlights the impact of the cold weather on plants and flowers in the UK.

In addition, Winterwatch educates viewers on the human impact on the natural world. The program addresses issues such as pollution and climate change, and encourages viewers to take action to protect the environment. The series has a strong online presence and offers a website and social media platforms for further learning and engagement. The website also includes live webcams for real-time viewing.


Winterwatch 2023 episode 7


British wildlife is diverse and varied, with many different species living in a range of habitats. From the rugged mountains of Scotland to the rolling hills of the English countryside, the UK is home to a wide variety of animals and plants. Discover the beauty of British birds, from the majestic golden eagle to the tiny wren. Learn about the fascinating behavior of badgers and foxes, and explore the lives of deer and other mammals.

Explore the vast array of insects that call the UK home, from colorful butterflies to buzzing bees. See the impact of the changing seasons on plants and flowers, and learn about conservation efforts to protect endangered species. British wildlife also faces a number of challenges, such as pollution and climate change. Learn about the impact of human activities on the natural world and find out how you can make a positive impact.

Make the most of your British wildlife experience by visiting protected areas, such as national parks and nature reserves. Take a guided tour or attend an event to learn more about the wildlife and the environment. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast or simply looking to learn more about the UK’s wildlife, there’s something for everyone to discover. With an abundance of resources available online and offline, including live webcams, it’s easy to explore and learn about British wildlife from the comfort of your own home.

Pink-footed geese

Pink-footed geese are a beautiful and fascinating species of bird that are known for their distinctive pink feet and legs. These geese are native to the Arctic and sub-Arctic regions of Europe and North America, and are a common sight in many parts of the UK during the winter months, as seen in this Winterwatch 2023 episode 7. Pink-footed geese are known for their large and noisy flocks, which can number in the thousands. They are also known for their distinctive honking call, which is often heard in the early morning and evening as the geese fly to and from their feeding grounds.

One of the most interesting things about pink-footed geese is their migratory habits. They breed in Greenland and Canada and they come to the UK in the winter to feed on the fertile farmland. The geese start to arrive in the UK in September and October, and they typically leave again in April and May. Pink-footed geese are also an important species for conservation. They have been declining in numbers over the past century due to habitat loss, hunting and other factors. However, conservation efforts are now helping to protect and conserve these geese, and their numbers are slowly starting to recover.

To see pink-footed geese, the best time to visit is between September and April. They can be found in large flocks on estuaries, marshes, lakes, and arable farmland. Some of the best places to see them are at WWT Welney, Ouse Washes and Snettisham RSPB reserve. These geese are also popular with bird watchers and nature enthusiasts. They are a unique and beautiful species that are well worth seeking out. With the right knowledge and equipment, it is possible to get close to these geese and observe their behavior and habits in their natural habitat.

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