Atlantic The Wildest Ocean on Earth
Atlantic The Wildest Ocean on Earth

Atlantic The Wildest Ocean on Earth ep.1

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Atlantic The Wildest Ocean on Earth Part 1 : Life Stream

In the wild North Atlantic, massive whale pods, giant turtles and monstrous jellyfish ride the Gulf Stream, a huge ocean current that becomes a migration superhighway and helps warm northern Europe.



Meanwhile, fishermen battle for survival in mountainous seas as they try to reap the current’s natural fertility.

Powerful currents, fierce hurricanes and undersea volcanoes make the Atlantic incredibly rich in life, but only if you can survive its challenges.

In this landmark series, the BBC Natural History Unit explores a vast ocean that stretches nearly 10,000 miles, from Arctic to Antarctic and from sun-drenched tropical reefs to crushing abyssal depths. Narrator, Cillian Murphy reveals the amazing, surprising and resilient inhabitants of the Atlantic, both animals and people, as they pit themselves against the world’s wildest ocean.