Garden of the Year episode 6

Garden of the year episode 6

Garden of the Year episode 6: They have travelled the length and breadth of the UK to see the most spectacular home gardens. Now judges Zoe Ball, Manoj Malde and Lachlan Rae gather at Stourhead estate in Wiltshire to deliberate over the eight finalists, including three wildcard entires, before announcing the result.




An exploration of some of the best and most surprising home gardens in the UK, with only one being crowned Garden of the Year by the judges – broadcaster and garden enthusiast Zoe Ball, award-winning garden designer Manoj Malde, and former young horticulturalists of the year Lachlan Rae. They begin by assessing contenders from the south of England, including a converted barn set in its own meadow in Kent and a Mediterranean-style garden behind a north London home.


Garden of the Year episode 6


Each week they will visit 4 gardens in a different region of the United Kingdom and take us on a tour of the garden pointing out all the design features and planting. They discuss the ideas the Garden Owner / Garden Designer has used and show us the highlights of each design. The Judges will all then score the garden out of 10 with 1 Judge withholding their score so we will not know which Garden has won until the end of the programme and will go through to the Grand Final. The Judges will also decide on which is their favourite spot in the Garden and this will be marked with a little watering can and left for the Garden owner.

These are not your normal back gardens, some have been done by Garden Designers which for me spoils the concept as it might as well be Garden Designer of the Year! They have shortlisted it to just 4 in each Region with the first programme very ‘London’ heavy for the South of England. When it comes to the final score it is not difficult to guess the winner as it is always the 4th garden on the board!

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3 thoughts on “Garden of the Year episode 6”

  1. Although the winning garden was beautiful, I did not think it fair to choose this garden above the others because the owner of the winning garden was a professional architectural designer and all others reviewed were not professional gardeners. I also think the winner had a professional gardener who did the maintenance of the garden. To me, the garden looked too commercial.
    I feel the winner should have been the Wales garden, which was so much more creative, with an owner who created his garden without professional help.

    1. I agree completely. The Welsh garden was what should have been picked from the short list. My personal favourite was the little black house in Kent.

  2. I agree too. They are professional designers with a gardener doing all the stripes on the lawn etc whilst the others labour on building the structures, and maintenance. You simply can’t compare them. The whole programme is innately unfair.

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