Garden Rescue episode 2 2023 – Merthyr Tydfil

Garden Rescue episode 2 2023 – Merthyr Tydfil

Garden Rescue episode 2 2023 – Merthyr Tydfil – Janine finds herself in a position where she desperately seeks the assistance of her team. The task at hand? The transformation of her currently stark and dreary plot that came with her newly constructed home into a thriving, wildlife-friendly garden. This barren plot, devoid of any life or personality, has the potential to become a haven, a refuge not just for her but also for the multitude of flora and fauna that could call it home.


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She yearns for a space that pays homage to the lush Welsh countryside that surrounds her residence. A space that can be a sanctuary, a true embodiment of the picturesque landscapes that characterize her surroundings. Her vision extends beyond a simple garden; she envisions a space where she can indulge in her passions and hobbies. Whether it’s seeking tranquility while practicing yoga amidst nature’s chorus or quietly observing the native birds and bees as they visit her garden, Janine sees her garden as a platform for a more profound connection with nature.



She has a vision, but it’s up to Charlie and Lee to transform it into a tangible reality. The challenge is not merely to design the garden, but to create an environment that satisfies all her desires within a defined budget of £5,000. Can they work together to come up with an innovative design that not only fits within her budget but also encapsulates all the elements that she cherishes? The clock is ticking, and the journey to turn this blank canvas into a beautiful, living piece of the Welsh countryside begins.


Garden Rescue episode 2 2023 – Merthyr Tydfil


Carolynne Dimmock’s public profile experienced a notable rise beginning in 1997, as she debuted on the widely viewed BBC gardening series, Ground Force. This milestone in her career occurred five years subsequent to her introduction to the show’s producer/director, a key event which significantly influenced her career trajectory. This encounter transpired amidst an engaging project, the construction of a pond for Grass Roots, a separate program broadcast on the Meridian channel.

Throughout an eight-year tenure with Ground Force, Dimmock not only co-hosted the show but also cultivated a unique public image. Her on-air presence was marked by her choice to appear braless during broadcasts, a detail which garnered a surprisingly enthusiastic fanbase. Her popularity was markedly evident, as evidenced by her likeness on calendars outselling those featuring renowned lingerie model, Caprice Bourret. Dimmock’s followers humorously christened her as the horticultural Viagra, a testament to her energizing presence in the gardening show realm.

Following the conclusion of Ground Force, Dimmock contributed her expertise and abilities to various other programs. These included The Joy of Gardening and Charlie’s Garden Army, both of which she hosted with considerable finesse. Her presentation of the esteemed Chelsea Flower Show further established her within horticultural broadcasting. In 2004, she diversified her media presence, joining the cast of Channel 4’s reality TV series, The Games.

Dimmock’s professional influence expanded beyond British shores to American television, where she hosted a gardening segment on The Early Show on CBS. In September 2006, she demonstrated her culinary abilities on the BBC’s Celebrity MasterChef, adding versatility to her career.

As Ground Force concluded its successful run in the mid-2000s, Dimmock adopted a regional focus, hosting the ITV Meridian series, River Walks. This program allowed her to explore numerous Southern England rivers, encountering various landmarks and attractions, as well as providing a glimpse into the lives of those residing along these watercourses.

In 2013, Dimmock and her partner pursued a new endeavor, establishing their garden design company, Rich Landscapes. The enterprise flourished, and by 2015, they became the youngest team to achieve gold at the prestigious RHS Chelsea Flower show. The team’s work, marked by sleek, contemporary design, a nature-oriented planting approach, and an approachable, down-to-earth attitude, has secured projects from a variety of esteemed clients. These include illustrious fashion brands Chanel and Massimo Dutti, the luxurious Hampshire hotel Heckfield Place, and a multitude of residential clients throughout Europe. In addition to their continued success, they’ve procured a book deal and regular appearances on BBC television, further expanding their influence within the horticulture sphere.

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