Gardeners World 2018 episode 29

Gardeners World 2018 episode 29

In Gardeners World 2018 episode 29, Monty continues work on the water feature in his paradise garden and makes a start on the planting. He also has plenty of tips on how to protect tender plants over the winter.



Nick Bailey gives advice on how to choose the right tree for small gardens. Adam Frost travels to Stockton-on-Tees to meet an eight-year-old with a passion for gardening and invention. Carol Klein is at Hidcote Manor in Gloucestershire explaining the science behind autumn colour. We also celebrate the fruits of the season when we travel to Threave Garden in Dumfries and Galloway to see a kaleidoscopic show of berrying trees and shrubs, and we meet Wade Muggleton who has amassed a large collection of heritage apple varieties in his Shropshire garden.

On Gardeners World 2018 episode 29:


Growing chicory

There are three types of chicory: forcing types like ‘Witloof’ grown for their plump leafy heads or ‘chicons’ when blanched; red chicory or radicchio which responds to change in day length by turning red; finally non-forcing or sugar loaf types that produce large hearted lettuce-like heads (heading forms) for autumn harvest. Chicory is used as a bitter flavouring to autumn and spring salads – add tomatoes or sweet dressing to reduce bitterness.

Gardeners World 2018 episode 29
Gardeners World 2018 episode 29

Dahlia care

Dahlias are invaluable for the summer border, in patio containers or as cut flowers, often flowering until the first frosts. With many excellent recent introductions, they offer a wide range of flower types, often with very showy, double forms in warm vibrant colours. Dahlias are enjoying a much deserved return to popularity. Dahlias are easy to grow but do need winter protection in most parts of the UK. They are tolerant of a wide range of soil types and situations but best planted in fertile, well-drained soil in full sun when danger of frost is over, usually May to early June. Planting could be carried out slightly earlier in southern counties or later in the north of England and Scotland.

Overwintering tender plants: lifting or mulching

Tender plants can be cut back, lifted and stored in a dormant state. The decision on whether to lift and store or leave them outside under mulch depends both upon the plant and the local climate.

Pond construction and repair

There are a number of ways of creating a pond. Most involve excavating a hole of the required shape: what is different is the type of impervious material used to line the hole. These include flexible waterproof liners, semi-solid preformed ponds and concrete.

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