Gardening Australia ep. 39 2018

Gardening Australia ep. 39 2018

Sophie Thomson meets the outback growers bringing native bush foods to the nation, Tino Carnevale shows different ways to prune cherry trees, and Jane Edmanson cooks vegetable dumplings with gardening chef Angie Chong.



Gardening Australia ep. 39 2018


Home Grown

Sophie meets native bush food enthusiasts who work with remote communities to grow traditional herbs and plants, with the end products sold Australia-wide

The Cherry on Top

Tino visits a cherry orchard and shows the different ways you can prune fruit trees to encourage more fruit – and make it easier to pick


Millie explains native plant jargon, Josh explains the benefits of a ‘dibber’ and Sophie shares her tips on nasturtiums

Ornamental Figs

Jerry gives some tips on managing ornamental figs to keep them as small indoor plants and prevent them from becoming forest giants!

Compost Creatives

Costa explores a scheme for composting kitchen waste, created by apartment dwellers with no access to a garden

Growing Microgreens

Jane Edmanson shows how to grow your own microgreens

Pallet Rack

Millie shows how to transform a discarded pallet into a handy tool rack to hang in your garden shed

Pawpaw Protection

Jerry has some tips on protecting cold-sensitive pawpaw plants for gardeners growing them outside of the tropics

Food with Friends – Dumpling Recipe

Jane visits gardener and chef Angie Chong and learns how to make vegetable dumplings from herbs and greens gathered from the garden

Sun’s Out

As the summer approaches, Josh prepares a south-facing bed for the increased levels of sunlight it will receive

My Garden Path – The Iris Virus

We meet an iris-growing couple who admit their love of this colourful flower has become a little obsessive

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