Gardeners World episode 10 2019

Gardeners World episode 10 2019

Gardeners World episode 10 2019: There is plenty of advice and inspiration on this week’s Gardeners’ World with Monty at Longmeadow and Adam Frost, Carol Klein and Frances Tophill at the RHS Malvern Spring Festival.



At Longmeadow, Monty plants out his tomatoes, continues work in his paradise garden plus reveals plans for a new project. We travel to Peterborough to visit a city garden where lack of space has not proved a problem for a couple who have created a woodland garden, and we meet a Cambridgeshire man who has devoted his gardening life to the preservation of rare and heritage plants. And at the Malvern Spring Festival Adam, Carol and Frances explore the show gardens and bring us the very best of the plants and flowers in the floral marquee.


Gardeners World episode 10 2019


Preparing your soil

Soil cultivation or digging may be hard work but, if taken slowly, it need not be back-breaking. In fact, here we describe how it can often be omitted or at least minimised. All bare soil is suitable for cultivating (or digging). However, digging around plants is best avoided as it damages roots and so can be harmful.


Tulips are amongst the most popular of bulbs, valued for their brilliant flower colours and shapes. Plant in autumn for a show of spring flowers. Choose from a large range to suit the situation. Whether used in formal or informal beds and borders, tulips make ideal bedding plants combined with annual or biennial planting. Tulips can also be useful for containers, and some varieties can be naturalised in grass.

Getting bees in your garden

Bees are insects in the order Hymenoptera. There over 250 species in Britain and they can generally be divided into three groups. There have been about 26 species recorded in Britain, but some are now extinct or have a very restricted distribution. At peak strength in mid-summer, a bumblebee nest will have no more than 100-200 bees.

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