Gardeners World episode 30 2012

Gardeners World episode 30 2012

Gardeners World episode 30 2012: Now we are truly in the throes of autumn, Monty Don turns his attention to collecting fallen leaves. Monty regards these as a free harvest with which to make leafmould; he also shows what to plant now under the shade of trees for colour next year.



We meet a gardener in Essex who fills her beds and borders with over 9,000 tulips which are all carefully colour co-ordinated and we find out her favourite combinations. Colour is also on Rachel de Thame’s agenda when she travels to Suffolk to look at some of the best small trees and shrubs for autumn colour in the gardens at East Bergholt Place, drawing inspiration from owner and plantsman Rupert Eley.

Carol Klein is at the Royal Horticultural Society’s garden at Rosemoor in Devon where they grow a collection of one of our most iconic winter plants, holly, and she recommends the best varieties to grow for berries in our own gardens.


Gardeners World episode 30 2012


Rachel’s autumn colour

Rachel de Thame, whilst exploring the National Collection of Deciduous Euonymus (spindles) at East Bergholt Place, could not help but admire other spectacular trees and shrubs for autumn colour. Here are some of her choice plants that will grace any garden.

Monty gathers leaves

With the autumn leaf fall underway Monty Don begins to collect his free harvest. By storing leaves in open wire bays or in bin bags they will rot down to produce leafmould. This is a fabulous soil conditioner and is ideal for making homemade potting compost.

Carol visits the National Collection of Holly at RHS Garden Rosemoor

Of all the trees in the wood the holly bears the crown. Carol visits RHS Garden Rosemoor in Devon see their National Collection of Ilex and finds that not all hollies are evergreen, not all have red berries, and some hollies can even be clipped and grown just like box hedging.

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