Great British Menu episode 12 2019 – NW Judging

Great British Menu episode 12 2019

Today in Great British Menu episode 12 2019, the two remaining chefs from the north west cook their dishes head to head for a panel of expert judges, in a bid to secure themselves a place in the national finals. Will they have acted on the advice given by the veteran judge earlier in the week, and learn from their mistakes?



The chefs need to impress a panel of formidable judges: food writer Matthew Fort, restaurateur Oliver Peyton and broadcaster and cook Andi Oliver, along with a guest judge – one of the pop stars the banquet will celebrate. Today they are joined by multi-million selling singer-songwriter Amy MacDonald.

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5 thoughts on “Great British Menu episode 12 2019 – NW Judging”

  1. Mahnaz Dastoori

    I feel Mathew Reid d should have not won. In His steak tartare he did not bake the bread. All food elements should be made by the chef!!!!!!
    Feel quite sad Mathew Reid won, he too felt the same about the results, as he commented he had robbed Rishikash. Also, The critics need to be more adventurous with their taste buds!!!!

  2. I can’t fucking believe this!!! It’s absolutely bullshit in my opinion!!! So sorry for Hrishakesh…

  3. Totally agree Hrishakesh was robbed. He’s a genius waiting in the wings. And what beautiful manners – no barking orders to the waiting staff like someone cocky I can’t be bothered to mention

  4. Makes you wonder if it is because of his colour!!!!! Can’t think of any other reason. Anyway, I think it’s disgusting and I don’t want to watch any more of this fixed rubbish.

  5. Nicholas Whitehouse

    Adam waltzed through heats with no effort at all, hrishakesh worked his hazelnuts off, it is fixed the judges favour people who have been there before Hrishikesh will win it in 2021 easy don’t matter whether he cooks beans on toast he’ll p**s it

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