Great British Menu episode 28 2019 – The Finals: Dessert

Great British Menu episode 28 2019

Great British Menu episode 28 2019: Some of the country’s finest chefs compete over the final place cooking at a banquet celebrating the brilliance of British popular music, held at Abbey Road studios. Each rival needs to cook a dessert to impress a panel of expert judges, along with guest judge Peter Hook – Joy Division and New Order bassist, and pioneer of Britain’s Madchester scene.



With only one place left on the banquet menu, the chefs know this is their last chance to earn the honour of cooking at Abbey Road, so pull out all the stops in creating a banquet-worthy dish that does British music proud. With tributes to acts as diverse as Shirley Bassey to Wham!, there is no shortage of musical inspiration – but with so much at stake, some chefs crumble under the pressure, while the judges have their work cut out picking a winner from a spectacular top tier of delectable desserts.

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  1. Stephen T Russell

    Is it true that the chief representing N.I. Chris McClurg got more 10’s from the judges chamber than any of the other chiefs this year and they still didn’t put him through?

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