Great British Menu episode 9 2020 – Scotland – Judging

Great British Menu episode 9 2020 - Scotland - Judging

Great British Menu episode 9 2020 – Scotland – Judging: Today, the two highest-scoring chefs from Scotland go head to head and cook their six-course menus again. But will they take on board their veteran’s advice as they serve the panel of judges and an esteemed children’s author?



The chefs need to impress the formidable judges – food writer Matthew Fort, restaurateur Oliver Peyton and broadcaster and cook Andi Oliver – as well as a guest judge – one of the successful children’s authors the banquet will celebrate. Today, they are joined by bestselling children’s author and comedian David Baddiel, who has sold more than one million books and had his pre-teen novels translated into 26 languages.


Great British Menu episode 9 2020 – Scotland – Judging


This week, the chefs are tasked with honouring the theme of heroes and villains in children’s literature, which ties in with some of the great authors that spent time in Scotland. Newcomer Roberta is making a venison tartare with smoked celeriac remoulade, which pays homage to JK Rowling’s wizard hero in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Returner Ross is celebrating Edinburgh-born author Kenneth Grahame with a Wind in the Willows-style riverside picnic for lovable heroes Ratty and Mole, complete with sourdough baguette and chicken terrine.

Experimental chef Gordon is making snail pakoras inspired by Jill Murphy’s The Worst Witch, and finally, mother-of-three Amy is making a dish full of foraged forest elements that bring to life a campfire scene and celebrate Abi Elphinstone’s The Dream Snatcher. The chefs’ fate depends on each and every point they get from their veteran, and with one person leaving after the fish course, nerves are running high.

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