Marcus Wareing Simply Provence episode 11

Marcus Wareing Simply Provence episode 11

Marcus Wareing Simply Provence episode 11: In the heart of Provence, the culinary landscape is rich with a plethora of exquisite dishes, but one ingredient often stands out and sparks a particular sense of anticipation when spotted on the menu: beef. Renowned as a staple in the UK, beef in this charming region of France is imbued with its unique flair. Marcus, a well-traveled foodie, is about to discover just how distinct the local variety can be. Marcus has arranged to meet his neighbor, Jerome, a seasoned restaurateur, for an immersive lesson in the region’s specialty: local boeuf. To Marcus’s surprise, the real gem of this area isn’t beef as he knows it, but rather bull meat, a revelation that promises an intriguing culinary journey.

Marcus Wareing Simply Provence episode 11

The duo embarks on an adventure to a bull farm located on the outskirts of the quaint town. Marcus, initially hesitant about meeting the herd, soon discovers that these bulls are a far cry from the imposing beasts he has seen in the UK. In Provence, the bulls are a smaller, unique breed of cattle, cherished and consumed by locals for centuries. This breed’s meat has become an integral part of the local gastronomy, celebrated for its distinctive flavor and historical significance.

Driven by his competitive spirit, Marcus proposes a culinary showdown: a steak sandwich cook-off, pitting traditional beef against the regional bull. He invites Jerome and the bull farmers to participate, eager to see which meat will emerge victorious. However, before diving into the competition, Marcus feels the need to familiarize himself with the local beef.

Marcus Wareing Simply Provence episode 11

He arranges to meet a seasoned local cook, renowned for her expertise in creating Provence’s signature stew: daube de boeuf. This hearty dish is a testament to the region’s culinary heritage, transforming even the most economical cuts of beef into a luxurious feast. The process of preparing daube de boeuf is an art in itself, involving slow-cooking beef in red wine, aromatic herbs, and a medley of vegetables until it reaches a melt-in-the-mouth tenderness. Marcus immerses himself in this culinary tradition, savoring the rich, comforting flavors that define Provençal cuisine.

With newfound knowledge and appreciation for the region’s beef, Marcus feels ready to tackle the cook-off. The atmosphere is charged with excitement as the competitors gather, each bringing their unique approach to crafting the perfect steak sandwich. Marcus, armed with traditional UK beef, aims to showcase its robust flavor and tender texture. On the other hand, Jerome and the local farmers champion their beloved bull meat, known for its lean yet flavorful profile.

Marcus Wareing Simply Provence episode 11

As the cook-off progresses, the air is filled with the tantalizing aroma of sizzling meat and freshly baked bread. The judges, a mix of local food enthusiasts and culinary experts, eagerly anticipate the final creations. Each contestant puts their heart and soul into their sandwiches, hoping to clinch the title of the best steak sandwich.

Marcus Wareing Simply Provence episode 11

The moment of truth arrives as the judges take their first bites. The richness of the UK beef sandwich is undeniable, with its juicy, tender meat complemented by a medley of flavors. In contrast, the bull meat sandwich offers a unique taste experience, its lean texture bursting with the distinct, earthy flavors that reflect the Provence terroir.

The judges deliberate, savoring each bite and considering the merits of both meats. The tension mounts as they prepare to announce the winner. In the end, it’s not just about the meat itself but also the passion and craftsmanship that went into each sandwich.

Ultimately, the cook-off becomes more than just a competition; it’s a celebration of culinary diversity and the shared love of good food. Marcus and Jerome, regardless of the outcome, gain a deeper appreciation for each other’s culinary traditions and the unique flavors that define their respective regions.

As the event draws to a close, Marcus reflects on his journey. He has not only discovered the rich culinary heritage of Provence but also forged new friendships and learned invaluable lessons about the art of cooking and the joy of sharing a meal. The steak sandwich cook-off, whether won by beef or bull, becomes a symbol of the cultural exchange and mutual respect that food can foster.

In episode 11 of “Marcus Wareing Simply Provence,” viewers are treated to a delightful blend of competition, education, and gastronomic adventure. Through Marcus’s eyes, they experience the magic of Provence, where every dish tells a story, and every meal is an opportunity to connect with the region’s vibrant culinary soul.

Steak sandwich

Indulge in the exquisite culinary craftsmanship of Marcus Wareing as he presents his mouthwatering creation: a succulent, smoky-sweet barbecued steak nestled within the crispy embrace of a freshly baked baguette. But that’s just the beginning of this culinary journey. Accompanying this gastronomic delight is a meticulously crafted herb sauce, lovingly homemade to perfectly complement every bite.

To embark on your own adventure into the realm of culinary artistry, ensure you have the necessary tools at your disposal: a trusty food processor to blend the vibrant flavors of the herb sauce to perfection, and either a barbecue grill or a spacious griddle pan, ready to impart that irresistible char and smokiness to the tender steak.

Get ready to elevate your dining experience with this delectable creation from the kitchen of Marcus Wareing.


For the dry rub
For the green sauce
For the sandwich


  1. Light the barbecue and let the coals die down until they’re white, ashy and glowing. Alternatively use a large griddle pan.
  2. To make the rub, grind the toasted seeds in a pestle and mortar. Add the rest of the ingredients and mix together.
  3. To make the sauce, blend the onion, capers, tarragon, oregano, olive oil and white wine vinegar in a food processor. Season with a good pinch of salt and pepper.
  4. Cut the baguette in half lengthways and drizzle each half with olive oil. Toast on the grill of a barbecue or in a griddle pan until lightly charred.
  5. Drizzle the steaks with olive oil to ensure that the rub sticks. Cover with dry rub to just coat each side of the steak, then add a pinch of salt.
  6. Put the steaks on the grill and cook for 30 seconds on each side until charred. Remove the steaks from the grill and transfer to a wire rack to rest, with a tray underneath to catch the juices.
  7. Once rested, cut into slices and place onto one half of the baguette, spooning the sauce on top along with a little black pepper.
  8. Add the top half of the baguette. You can cut off the crusty ends of bread to ensure an easier bite, if you like. Slice the baguette in half to serve.

F.A.Q. Marcus Wareing Simply Provence episode 11

Q.: What is the main focus of Marcus Wareing’s Simply Provence episode 11?

A.: The main focus of Marcus Wareing’s Simply Provence episode 11 is to explore the unique culinary traditions of Provence, particularly highlighting the distinct local variety of beef, which includes bull meat. The episode features Marcus’s journey of discovery, from visiting a bull farm to engaging in a steak sandwich cook-off against local farmers.

Q.: How does the beef in Provence differ from the beef in the UK according to the episode?

A.: In Provence, the beef often comes from a smaller, unique breed of cattle that has been part of the local gastronomy for centuries. Unlike the large bulls found in the UK, the bulls in Provence are smaller and their meat is celebrated for its distinctive flavor and historical significance. This contrast highlights the regional differences in beef production and culinary traditions.

Q.: What is the significance of the bull farm visit in the episode?

A.: The visit to the bull farm is significant as it provides Marcus with an in-depth look at the local breed of bulls that are integral to Provençal cuisine. This experience not only educates Marcus about the differences between UK beef and Provençal bull meat but also sets the stage for the culinary showdown that follows. The visit emphasizes the importance of understanding the source and heritage of the ingredients used in local dishes.

Q.: What culinary competition takes place in the episode, and what are its stakes?

A.: The culinary competition featured in the episode is a steak sandwich cook-off between Marcus and the local bull farmers. Marcus uses traditional UK beef, while the farmers use their regional bull meat. The stakes of the competition are to determine which meat, beef or bull, reigns supreme in terms of flavor and culinary appeal. This friendly contest also serves to celebrate the culinary diversity and craftsmanship of both participants.

Q.: What is the significance of the dish “daube de boeuf” in the episode?

A.: “Daube de boeuf” is a significant dish in the episode as it represents the rich culinary heritage of Provence. Marcus learns to prepare this traditional stew, which involves slow-cooking beef with red wine, aromatic herbs, and vegetables. The dish showcases how even the most economical cuts of beef can be transformed into a luxurious, flavorful meal through careful preparation and cooking techniques. This segment emphasizes the depth and complexity of Provençal cuisine.

Q.: What are the key ingredients and steps for making Marcus Wareing’s steak sandwich as described in the episode?

A.: The key ingredients for Marcus Wareing’s steak sandwich include a dry rub made of toasted fennel and cumin seeds, brown sugar, smoked paprika, and herbes de Provence; a green sauce consisting of white onion, capers, fresh tarragon, parsley, oregano, olive oil, and white wine vinegar; thin cut minute steaks; and a white baguette. The preparation involves toasting the baguette, grilling the steaks with the dry rub, and assembling the sandwich with the green sauce and steak slices. This meticulous process ensures a flavorful and well-balanced sandwich.

Q.: How does the episode emphasize the cultural and culinary exchange between Marcus and the locals?

A.: The episode emphasizes cultural and culinary exchange by showcasing Marcus’s interactions with his neighbor Jerome, the bull farmers, and a local cook. Through these interactions, Marcus gains a deeper understanding of Provençal culinary traditions and techniques. The cook-off and shared meals symbolize the mutual respect and appreciation for each other’s culinary heritage, highlighting the power of food to bridge cultural gaps and foster connections.

Q.: What does Marcus learn from his culinary journey in Provence as portrayed in the episode?

A.: Marcus learns about the unique characteristics and historical significance of Provençal beef, particularly bull meat. He gains insights into the region’s culinary traditions, such as the preparation of “daube de boeuf,” and the importance of using local ingredients. The episode also reinforces the idea that culinary exploration is not just about tasting new dishes but also understanding and appreciating the cultural context behind them. Through his journey, Marcus develops a greater appreciation for the diverse flavors and techniques that define Provençal cuisine.

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