Marcus Wareing Simply Provence episode 15

Marcus Wareing Simply Provence episode 15

Marcus Wareing Simply Provence episode 15: Marcus’s journey in Saint-Remy is nearing its end, marking the conclusion of an adventurous and enriching trip. Throughout his stay, Marcus has worn many hats. He started off as a sous-chef, got hilariously run over by a herd of goats, embarked on a thrilling search for snails, and even took on the challenge of steering a combine harvester. Along the way, he encountered incredibly passionate local producers whose dedication to their craft deeply inspired him. However, the most significant lesson he learned about food was the importance of simplicity.

Marcus Wareing Simply Provence episode 15

As his time in Saint-Remy winds down, Marcus receives an invitation to a local farm party. This isn’t just any ordinary gathering; it’s a community celebration that brings together the best of local produce, people, and traditions. There’s a catch, though: Marcus must contribute a dish to the feast. He needs inspiration for a recipe that is both celebratory and simple, staying true to the culinary philosophy he has embraced during his trip.

Enter Sebastien, a local farmer and the heart behind Le Jardin du Papet, a community-supported agriculture project. Sebastien’s initiative involves creating personalized vegetable boxes for his customers, all sourced from his own farm. His approach to farming is not just about growing food; it’s about fostering a connection between the land and the local community. Marcus is invited to explore the farm, and he is astounded by the diversity and quality of the vegetables grown there. The vibrant colors, the fresh scents, and the sheer variety spark a flurry of ideas in his mind.

Marcus Wareing Simply Provence episode 15

Eager to find the perfect dish for the party, Marcus decides to visit a renowned local restaurant known for its exceptional vegetable dishes. Here, he learns to prepare one of Provence’s most celebrated vegetable dishes featuring artichokes. The dish is exquisite, a culinary masterpiece, and undoubtedly the best thing Marcus has tasted in Provence. Yet, as delightful as it is, Marcus feels it might be a bit too formal for the laid-back, festive vibe of the farm party.

With time running out, Marcus heads back to his rooftop kitchen for one last culinary adventure. Inspired by the abundance of fresh produce from Sebastien’s farm, he decides to create a dish that truly celebrates the simplicity and richness of Provencal vegetables. He opts for a straightforward yet visually stunning dish: vegetable and bean-topped toasts. This choice reflects the essence of what he has learned – that the best dishes often let the ingredients speak for themselves.

Marcus Wareing Simply Provence episode 15

In his rooftop kitchen, Marcus starts by selecting an assortment of vibrant vegetables from his recent farm visit. He chooses ripe tomatoes, crisp bell peppers, and tender zucchini, among others. He complements these with a mix of hearty beans, adding both texture and protein to the dish. As he prepares the ingredients, he thinks back on the people he has met and the lessons he has learned. Each chop, each seasoning, is done with a sense of gratitude and respect for the produce.

Marcus Wareing Simply Provence episode 15

The toasts come together beautifully. The vegetables are sautéed lightly to retain their crunch and vibrant color, then combined with the beans and a hint of fresh herbs. He toasts slices of rustic bread, which serve as the perfect canvas for his vegetable medley. As he assembles the toasts, he can’t help but marvel at the simplicity of the dish and how it manages to encapsulate the spirit of Provence.

With the toasts ready, Marcus heads to the farm party, feeling a mix of excitement and nervousness. The party is a lively affair, with tables laden with homemade dishes, laughter echoing in the air, and children running around. The locals greet him warmly, eager to see what he has brought to the feast. He places his tray of vegetable and bean-topped toasts among the other dishes, hoping they will be well received.

As the evening progresses, Marcus watches anxiously as the locals begin to sample his creation. To his relief and delight, the toasts are a hit. The guests appreciate the fresh, bold flavors and the way the dish honors the local produce. It’s a moment of validation for Marcus, confirming that sometimes, simplicity truly is the key to great food.

Reflecting on his time in Saint-Remy, Marcus realizes that this trip has been more than just a culinary journey. It has been an exploration of culture, community, and the deep connections people have with their food. He feels grateful for the experiences and the people who have shared their knowledge and passion with him. As the party winds down and the stars begin to twinkle in the night sky, Marcus knows that the lessons he has learned here will stay with him long after he leaves Provence.

In the final moments of the party, with the sounds of cheerful conversations and music filling the air, Marcus feels a profound sense of fulfillment. His simple dish not only fed the body but also celebrated the essence of Saint-Remy’s community and its remarkable produce. As he prepares to say his goodbyes and head back home, Marcus knows that this experience has forever changed his approach to cooking and his appreciation for the simple, beautiful things in life.

White bean toast with Provençal ratatouille

White bean toast with Provençal ratatouille
White bean toast with Provençal ratatouille

Elevate your culinary experience with a delectable creation crafted by renowned chef Marcus Wareing. Indulge in the irresistible delight of charred sourdough, generously laden with a velvety, chili-spiked white bean purée, harmoniously paired with vibrant, freshly prepared ratatouille bursting with the flavors of summer vegetables. Completing this culinary masterpiece is the aromatic Provençal pesto, adding a touch of Mediterranean allure to every bite. Marcus Wareing’s French-style toasts promise to tantalize your taste buds and transport you to the sun-kissed hillsides of Provence with each savory sensation.


For the pistou sauce
For the white bean purée
  • 300g/10½oz cooked white beans, rinsed (such as haricot beans from a jar or tin)
  • glug oil
  • ½ lemon, juice only
  • ½ fresh red chilli, seeds removed and finely diced
  • 1 slice crustless bread (optional)
  • pinch salt
For the ratatouille
To serve


  1. Put all the pistou sauce ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. Transfer to a bowl and set aside.
  2. Put the white bean purée ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth but still retaining some texture. You can add a chunk of crustless bread to the mix if you’d like your purée to be thicker. Pour into a bowl and set aside.
  3. Drizzle the aubergine and whole red pepper in oil, then put directly onto the grill to char and soften. If using a barbecue, place the red pepper directly onto the coals to char.
  4. Gently fry the shallots in a pan with some olive oil until soft.
  5. Chop the cooked aubergine then do the same with the red pepper (peeling and removing the seeds first). Put into a bowl with the heritage tomato and raw courgette. Add the cooked shallots, a pinch of salt and pepper, the white wine vinegar, a glug of olive oil and the basil.
  6. Char or toast the bread, then spread a generous spoonful of white bean purée on top. Add a tablespoon of the ratatouille, then top with the pistou.
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