Marcus Wareing Simply Provence episode 6

Marcus Wareing Simply Provence episode 6

Marcus Wareing Simply Provence episode 6: In France, one culinary staple stands out as both an everyday essential and a symbol of national pride: the humble baguette. This iconic bread is not only economical but also a fixture in nearly every French home, enjoyed daily by millions. While the baguette is a popular choice for sandwiches—a concept we Brits proudly claim to have invented—chef Marcus Wareing is on a quest to discover if it can truly rival the classic British egg and cress sandwich on sliced white bread.

Marcus Wareing Simply Provence episode 6

Armed with a fresh baguette, Marcus embarks on a flavorful journey through a bustling local market, searching for the perfect ingredients to create an unforgettable sandwich. His exploration quickly leads him to a quintessentially French sight: a stall brimming with golden, rotating rotisserie chickens, their enticing aroma filling the air.

Inspired by this traditional fare, Marcus decides to craft a classic French sandwich: a chicken, lettuce, and mayonnaise baguette. While undeniably delicious, Marcus believes he can elevate this simple combination to new culinary heights. His adventure takes him to a local bakery, where the baker not only bakes bread but also grows his own wheat. This artisan approach to bread-making, from seed to loaf, captivates Marcus, who is eager to learn more about this integral process.

Marcus Wareing Simply Provence episode 6

The baker, recognizing Marcus’s passion for culinary excellence, invites him to join the bakery team for a day. Here, Marcus immerses himself in the art of bread-making, assisting in the creation of various loaves, including the bakery’s renowned sourdough. The experience is enlightening, giving Marcus a deeper appreciation for the craftsmanship involved in traditional French baking.

With a freshly baked sourdough loaf in hand, Marcus sets out to construct what he considers could be one of France’s most illustrious sandwiches: the croque monsieur. This dish, essentially a glorified ham and cheese toastie, is renowned for its simplicity and deliciousness, offering a gourmet twist on a budget-friendly meal. Marcus’s version of the croque monsieur is not just any sandwich; it is a culinary masterpiece, blending the crisp, tangy flavors of artisan sourdough with rich, creamy cheese and savory ham, all brought together under a golden, bubbling top layer.

Marcus Wareing Simply Provence episode 6

As Marcus adds his personal touch to this classic dish, he reflects on the journey that brought him to this point—from the bustling market to the tranquil bakery and the lessons learned along the way. This episode of “Marcus Wareing Simply Provence” is not merely about creating the perfect sandwich but about understanding and embracing the culture and traditions that make French cuisine so revered worldwide.

Through his explorations, Marcus not only challenges his culinary skills but also bridges the gap between British and French culinary traditions. His journey through Provence is a testament to the universal language of food—a language that transcends borders and unites people through shared experiences and flavors. Whether it’s a simple baguette sandwich or an elaborate croque monsieur, Marcus’s adventures are a celebration of the rich culinary landscape of France, proving that even the most familiar foods can be transformed into something extraordinary with a bit of creativity and passion.

Marcus Wareing Simply Provence episode 6: Immerse Yourself in the Flavors of Provence with Marcus Wareing

Provence, the sun-drenched heart of southern France, is a region where life revolves around the simple pleasures. Here, vibrant open-air markets overflow with the freshest seasonal produce, their colors a feast for the eyes even before a bite is taken. The air hums with the cicadas’ song and the scent of lavender fields hangs heavy, a reminder of the region’s unique character. It’s in this idyllic setting that Michelin-starred chef Marcus Wareing embarks on a culinary adventure in his new series, “Marcus Wareing Simply Provence.”

This program isn’t just about following recipes. It’s a journey of discovery, a chance to unlock the secrets that lie at the heart of Provençal cuisine. Wareing sheds his fast-paced London life and trades the intensity of his restaurant kitchens for the laid-back charm of a classic Provençal townhouse in Saint-Remy. Here, he immerses himself in the local way of life, forging connections with producers, farmers, and fellow chefs.

Each episode is a masterclass in simplicity. Wareing ventures out into the bustling markets, his senses captivated by the vibrant displays of plump tomatoes, glistening olives, and jewel-toned vegetables. He chats with passionate producers, learning about generations-old traditions and the meticulous care that goes into each ingredient. Back in his kitchen, these fresh finds are transformed into dishes that sing with flavor. Wareing stays true to the essence of Provençal cooking, letting the quality of the ingredients shine. But he also brings his own experience and a touch of British flair, creating a unique fusion that celebrates the beauty of both cultures.

Imagine a dish like pissaladière, a traditional Provençal onion tart. Wareing might source the sweetest caramelized onions from a local grower, their natural sweetness enhanced with a touch of thyme from his own herb garden. The base might be a buttery pastry crust made with British flour, adding a subtle richness to the dish. The result? A familiar yet innovative take on a classic, a testament to Wareing’s ability to bridge culinary traditions.

“Marcus Wareing Simply Provence” isn’t just a cooking show; it’s a love letter to the south of France. As Wareing explores the region, viewers are taken on a scenic journey through rolling vineyards, charming villages nestled amidst lavender fields, and bustling coastal towns. We witness the beauty of the landscape, the warmth of the people, and the deep connection between the land and the food it produces.

This series is more than just a collection of recipes; it’s an invitation to experience Provence through the eyes of a culinary master. It’s a celebration of fresh, seasonal ingredients, the time-honored traditions of a unique culture, and the joy of creating delicious and simple meals. So, grab a seat at the table, savor the stunning visuals, and prepare to be transported to the heart of southern France by the magic of “Marcus Wareing Simply Provence.”

Croque monsieur toasted sandwich

Unlock the secrets of Marcus Wareing’s sublime hot French sandwich with this exquisite homemade béchamel sauce, meticulously crafted to elevate every bite. Picture this: layers of thinly sliced ham, generously slathered with tangy mustard, embraced by the velvety richness of melted gruyère cheese, all encased within perfectly toasted bread. It’s not just a sandwich; it’s a culinary masterpiece, where each component harmonizes to create a symphony of flavors. With this recipe, you’re not just making a meal; you’re crafting an experience, one that delights the senses and leaves a lasting impression.


For the béchamel sauce


  1. Start by making the béchamel. Put the milk and thyme into a small saucepan. Gently bring to a simmer over a low heat.
  2. Meanwhile, melt the butter in another small saucepan, then add the flour and a pinch of salt and pepper. Cook over a low heat for about 1 minute to get rid of the floury taste, but don’t let it brown.
  3. Gradually whisk half of the hot milk into the roux and stir quickly to combine. Add the remaining milk and cook for 5 minutes over a low heat, stirring continuously. Remove from the heat, add the mustards and cheese and stir until the cheese has melted.
  4. Transfer the sauce to a bowl. Cut a sheet of parchment paper into a circle so that it rests on the surface of the béchamel and set aside (this will prevent the sauce from forming a skin while you assemble your croque monsieur).
  5. Lightly toast one side of all the sliced bread under the grill. For each sandwich, add a generous layer of béchamel to an untoasted side of bread, then top with a layer of ham.
  6. Follow by adding more béchamel, some grated gruyère and a thin layer of mustard, if using. Then top with the other slice of sourdough, toasted side up.
  7. Heat a frying pan over a medium heat. When hot, add the butter then carefully add one sandwich and fry for 3–5 minutes. Gently turn the sandwich over and brown the other side for another 3–5 minutes. Continue until both sides are golden-brown and the cheese has melted. Repeat with the remaining sandwiches.

F.A.Q. Marcus Wareing Simply Provence episode 6

Q.: What is “Marcus Wareing Simply Provence” about?

A.: “Marcus Wareing Simply Provence” is a culinary series that follows Michelin-starred chef Marcus Wareing as he explores the rich culinary landscape of Provence, France. The show delves into local traditions, ingredients, and recipes, blending them with Wareing’s innovative approach to showcase the harmony between British and French cuisines.

Q.: What makes the baguette a significant part of the series?

A.: In episode 6, the baguette is not just featured as a staple of French cuisine but also as a symbol of cultural pride and daily life in France. Marcus Wareing uses the baguette as a foundation to explore and compare traditional French and British sandwich-making, highlighting its versatility and cultural importance.

Q.: How does Marcus Wareing incorporate local practices into his cooking in the series?

A.: Marcus immerses himself in local culinary practices by engaging with artisan bakers and local farmers. For instance, he learns the complete process of bread-making from growing wheat to baking, which influences his approach to making what he considers one of France’s most famous sandwiches, the croque monsieur.

Q.: What is unique about Marcus Wareing’s version of the croque monsieur?

A.: Marcus Wareing’s croque monsieur stands out because it uses artisan sourdough bread and combines traditional ingredients like ham and cheese with a homemade béchamel sauce. This version elevates the classic sandwich, showcasing Marcus’s flair for transforming simple dishes into gourmet experiences.

Q.: How does “Marcus Wareing Simply Provence” bridge culinary traditions?

A.: The series bridges culinary traditions by highlighting how local Provencal techniques and ingredients can be blended with British culinary elements. Through Marcus’s journey, the show emphasizes the universal language of food and its ability to connect different cultures, as seen in his innovative takes on traditional recipes.

Q.: Where can viewers watch “Marcus Wareing Simply Provence”?

A.: Viewers can immerse themselves in the flavors of Provence with Marcus Wareing by watching “Marcus Wareing Simply Provence” on various culinary-focused streaming platforms. This series provides a scenic and gastronomic journey through one of France’s most celebrated regions.

Q.: What can viewers expect to learn from the series?

A.: Viewers will gain insights into the preparation of both simple and complex dishes that embody the essence of Provencal cuisine. The series offers a deeper understanding of how to utilize fresh, local produce to create meals that celebrate seasonal flavors, and provides culinary inspiration for home cooks and professionals alike.

Q.: How does the show highlight the local culture of Provence?

A.: “Marcus Wareing Simply Provence” goes beyond cooking to explore the vibrant markets, picturesque landscapes, and traditional farming practices of the region. It paints a vivid picture of Provencal life and its culinary traditions, offering viewers a taste of the local atmosphere and artisanal craftsmanship.

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