MasterChef episode 16 2019 – UK

MasterChef episode 16 2019 – UK

MasterChef episode 16 2019 – UK: Tonight, the second group of amateurs get their first taste of professional cooking. They are heading to Ella Canta in London’s Mayfair, under renowned Mexican Chef Patron Martha Ortiz. The six contestants will be responsible for serving up every dish on the menu to paying customers during a packed lunch service.



Then, it’s back to MasterChef HQ for an Invention Test with John and Gregg. In a last chance bid to stay in this year’s competition, each cook has to show they have learned from their experience and can create a unique and outstanding dish worthy of gracing the table of a professional restaurant.

In an unexpected twist, two-Michelin-starred chef Michel Roux Jr returns the MasterChef studio, this time as a guest judge to help John and Gregg evaluate the six amateur cooks’ dishes.

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3 thoughts on “MasterChef episode 16 2019 – UK”

  1. So disappointed with tonight’s program Masterchef, sorting teams by age, seriously insensitive. Then the idea of a relay sacrificing individual talent for the sake of game show nonsense. New people in charge?

  2. What disappointment tonight’s show…the semi finalists are really not the true winners…its not a team comp so why play it like that…glad I’m not part of it…how disapointing.

  3. What a farce you have made of masterchef. A cheap team game, rather than a serious program for potential great chefs. A good lesson in how to ruin a great program and potentially destroy opportunities for some of the talented individuals.

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